Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

Why have animal become endangered?

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1. Because of Habitat destruction 2. And also because of humans So, don't litter!

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How does an extinct animal become endangered?

An extinctt animal cannot be endangered. Do you mean how an endangered animal becomes extinct? Endangered animals become extinct by various reasons. It depends what animal it is. Most animals are killed by humans, or habitats destroyed. E.G: Tigers have become endangered because of poaching, and if this continuses, then they will become extinct. Animals become extinct becuase of a particular reason, which makes them endangered, then if carried on, extinct.

When did animals start become endangered?

what animal?

How did the wolly mokey become endangered?

It become endangered when people started hunting and killing the animal too much.

What do you do when a endangered animal eats endangered plants?

Propagate the plant and save the animal. The plants are not likely to become extinct by dint of being eaten by the animal. However, the animal is far more likely to become extinct by loss of its fodder.

Can fish be endangered?

Yes, fish can become endangered the same way any other animal can.

How are endangered and extinct animal similar?

Endangered and extinct animals are similar because endangered animals sometimes become extinct.

What is the difference between an animal species that is threatened one that is extinct and one that is endangered?

Threatened means they could become endangered, endangered means they could become extinct.

Is it illegal to have and endangered animal?

Yes, endangered animals cannot become pets. There is a law concerning the legality of exporting endangered animals.

What is the difference between an endangered animals vs threatened animals vs an extinct animals?

An extinct animal means there are none left; they all have died. Endangered means there is a small amount left of that animal and they are about to become extinct. Threatened means they are about to become endangered.

What was the first endangered animal and when did it become endangered?

im not sure............but there are many endangered species.....but most of the endangered is already extinct because there are unprotected in the middle ages... one of them is the DODO...

do you care for endangered animals do you have an endangered animal .?

I do care but I do not have an endangered animal...

Why guano's become endangered?

Guano is the excrement (feces and urine) of seabirds, cave dwelling bats, and seals. It is not an endangered animal.

Is loss of habitat the main reason animals become endangered?

It depends on the animal. If it is being hunted for food or animal parts then that may be the main reason. If it is not hunted, then loss of habitat will be the main reason animals become endangered.

What is the difference between between an endangered and an extinct animal?

extinct means that there are no more of that animal at all like dinosaurs. endangered means that the animal is about to become extinct and there is only a small amount of them still alive.

Is a wale endangered animal?

yes it is an endangered animal

Is an antelope an extinct or endangered animal?

an endangered animal

Is dwarf monkey an endangered animal?

not yet but it could easily become endangered or even extinct because a lot of animals prey on them.

Why did the panda become an endangered animal?

the people in china killed it for food and because they were useless

Is a Numbat a endangered animal?

yes the numbat is a endangered animal

Is pig an endangered animal?

A pig is not a endangered animal but it soon will be

Will Elephants ever be endangered?

Its is possible any animal can go extint or be endangered. That is because if humans kill them slowly there numbers will go down therefore become extinct or endangered.

What are endangered speices?

Endangered species are animal species whose numbers are becoming so small that if something is not done they could become extinct.

When did endangered animals become endangered?

Animals become endangered at different times, and for different reasons. Some animals that were endangered in the past have already become extinct, for example the dodo. There are some animals that have become extinct in the wild, but that are still found in captivity. And then there are animals that have only recently been classified as endangered. To answer your question properly, you'll need to let us know what animal you are specifically referring to.

Would other animals become endangered if nothing changes?

If we keep on harming the enviornment, then yes, some animal species could become threatened, endangered, or maybe even extinct!

Is a sloth an endangered animal?

yes it is an endangered animal there ia YouTube video about endangered animals

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