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Why is 2001 tracker failing emissions test?

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βˆ™ 2009-10-29 22:53:28

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how many miles are on your tracker

I have a '99 tracker that had very low mileage on it when purchased (used), and it failed emission testing for over a year before I found the problem.
Facing the engine with the hood up, look at the left side (right side of car) of the engine and take notice of the wiring harness... There should also be a wiring diagram on the underside of the hood you can follow. the wiring harness in question was short from the factory and with motor rock it had been pulled on and one of the wires broke... I added about two inches of wire to each wire and it passed emissions test without a problem.
I strongly suggest using a soldering gun and heat-shrink wrap.
2009-10-29 22:53:28
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