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Abraham is not the main prophet of Judaism. Abraham was not regarded as a prophet.

Judaism, unlike Christianity and Islam, does not have a main prophet. Moses is often considered the greatest prophet because of his achievement and his closeness to God. All prophets after Moses are said to have only glimpsed what Moses saw.

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Q: Why is Abraham the main prophet in Judaism?
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What is the define Abraham?

Abraham (PBUH) is a prophet and founder of monotheist religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam. and the prophet of these 3 main religions (Moses, Jesus (from mother) and Muhammad) are children of Abraham.

Who is the common prophet to Judaism Christianity and Islam?


What role did Abraham Lincoln play in the history of Judaism?

Abraham Lincoln played NO role in the history of Judaism. You might be confusing him with Abraham the prophet.

How can Abraham Lincoln be a religion?

Abraham Lincoln is not a religion. Prophet Abraham lived long before Abe lincoln and the prophet Abraham's family started Judaism, which is the base for Christianity.

What man both Islam and Judaism trace their heritages back to is the Prophet?

Prophet Abraham (or Ibrahim in Arabic)

What is Abraham the prophet famous for?

In Judaism, Abraham is not actually referred to as a prophet. He is famous for being the first Hebrew to recognize the existence of one God above all others. In that sense, he is considered the founder of Judaism.

What started the judasm religion and how?

The prophet Abraham's family started Judaism at the will of God.

Who is the father of Christianity Islam and Judaism?

Prophet Hazrat Abraham (AS) is the Father of these three religions.Abraham

Who are two main people in judaism?

Abraham and Moses.

Is Islam an Abrahamic religion?

A:The Abrahamic religions are Judaism and the offshoots of Judaism, all of which believe in the existence of Abraham and the God of Abraham. Islam teaches that Abraham was a prophet of Islam, and it is therefore an Abrahamic religion.

Who founded Judaism and who or how do they worship?

Abraham founded Judaism. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judaism was founded through God revelation of Torah to prophet Moses (peace be upon him) while the prophet was in Egypt. Some estimate that it was around 1400 BC when prophet Moses received the ten commandments.

What are three religions in realation to Judaism?

Christianity and Islam, being the other two of the three main Abrahamic religions (those that recognise the Biblical Abraham as a prophet) are the most closely relasted to Judaism. There are also similarities between Judaism, Rastafari and Mormonism.

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