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Communism is a possible solution for equality in the world.

Only in a perfect world we can achieve it.

Communism should be a corresponding community and a solution to all atrocious hardships. Alia Hoyt on said: "In a perfect world, everyone would have food and shelter, and a true utopian society would be devoid of sexism, racism and other forms of oppression. But for most of the world's population, this perfect society just isn't possible. Communism is one proposed solution to these problems" (Hoyt 1). Hoyt said that communism should be a solution to rasicm, sexism, poverty but only to a true utopian society. In Russia, Joseph Stalin destroyed the tranquil communist country and altered it into a totalitarian country because he abused his power by killing anyone who was a threat to him, was rising to power, or spoke of him crudely. He made his people live in fear because of this, off-setting the composed atmosphere. Communism communities should be balanced and peaceful and be rid of those things but because there is still greed in the world, this cannot be done.

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Q: Why is Communism important?
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Why is communism important to the world?

communism is a great thing to be in

Why was containment important to the us?

It was important because it stopped the spread of communism

Why was the Truman Doctrine important?

Declined communism

Why Was communism important to the world?

Communism was important to the world cause it brought a change in people's mind set.In introduced a new phenomenon of in-dependency throughout the word

Why is Berlin Germany so important?

Berlin is so important to Germany because it is its capital and a major city. It is popular in Germany and houses many important things. Berlin was the capital before Hitler and communism. The capital was then moved to Bonn in the time of Communism. When communism ended, Berlin was restored as Germany's capital.

How was the Truman Doctrine important?

it sought to contain the spread of communism

Why was the Berlin Wall important to the Cold War?

It was a symbol of communism.

What important event signaled the end of communism in Germany?

It was the Fall o' the Wall.

What countries have tried communism?

As there is a lot of informations about early and modern communism, it's important that you get inside on this matter, by clicking on the related link, placed right below. It contains a full history of communism, that is not only related to the Soviet Union Coalition, but it involves an early history of communism, that may not be the same as it was built in the modern age, but it is considered communism as well.

Why is reading animal farm and studying communism today is so important?

Reading Animal Farm and studying Communism are critical to avoid believing that such a system will be worthwhile in the future.

What were the policies for anti-communism?

Anti-Communism is the opposite of communism.

Important events in history that recently occurred in Romania?

1989: change from communism to capitalism.

Why was preventing the spread of communism in Vietnam so important tp the United States?


Who is responsible for development of communism in russia?

There are quite a number of people responsible for the ascension of communism in Russia, but the most important was arguably VLADIMIR ILYICH ULYANOV who goes by the pseudonym LENIN.

Why is the Berlin Wall important in history?

because the wall was a symbol of the division between communism and democracy

Why is Leon Trotsky important?

Leon Trotsky is important because he was a Communism theorist. During World War I he was the leader of the Russian Revolution in 1917.

Why was it important for America to be in the Korean war?

The US government thought it was important to go to Korea in order to prevent the spread of Communism across the world.

Why was communism important to the cold war?

the cold war was in russia the russians had to make communism important because Julia Gillard was having a spaz out while batman was in the shower. julius ceasar broke out of jail and had a streaking fest everyone screamed wet willy wet willy

Was communism scary?

Yes. Under communism, people had no private property and there money could be taken and given to other people. The government virtually controls everyone's lives, and is more important than the people.

What was the first name for communism?


What is .communism?

A political ideology

Why was the Vietnam war so important in the 1960's?

The Vietnam War was so important because communism was on the brink of spreading throughout Vietnam. The Domino Theory states that if one country falls to communism the rest will follow with it. The U.S. had an obligation to contain this threat-- the Truman Doctrine.

Why was the USA worried about communism in Asia in the 1950s and 1960s?

communism is everywere communism is everywere

Why were people attracted to Communism?

* why were the people attracted by Communism? * What are the flaws you can find in Communism? please do answer me =] thanks! * why were the people attracted by Communism? * What are the flaws you can find in Communism? please do answer me =] thanks!

What freedoms does communism restrict?

Pure communism as outlined by Karl Marx restricted all important means of production to the hands of the people. During Lenin's leadership, he himself created a policy termed "war communism" which called for the important means of production to be restricted to government control. Only the Communist party could exist under any form of communism. Therefore the power to establish other political parties and/or vote for non -communists was forbidden. Any labor unions were communist controlled.