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Tough to narrow it down with such little detail, but it sound like your car's thermostat may be malfunctioning and not controlling the temperature correctly.

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Q: Why is Coolant is full and engine overheats coolant is boiling in reservoir?
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Coolant pushing out from radiator back into coolant reservoir?

it is normal, when the coolant is hot and pressure built, the pressure cap allows the coolant to drain to reservoir to reduce pressure in the cooling system But, if it continually does this whereby the reservoir overflows and the vehicle overheats due to a lack of coolant actually in the radiator when cool, there may be an overheating problem or blown head gasket on the engine.

If new headgasket is installed and engine overheats with oil and coolant is coming threw coolant reservoir what should i do?

You have reinstall the head gasket. It has been not tighten enough or damaged. Anyway the replacement was not done properly.

Does a bad thermostat cause coolant to leak out?

It can if it is stuck closed the engine overheats causing hot air ( steam ) to flow backwards to radiator cap which releases and blows steam pressure into recovery reservoir which starts blowing out the coolant in the reservoir making a puddle on ground.

Is it normal for coolant water to go into the reservoir?

Yes- coolant reservoir is designed to accept excess coolant - As coolant heats up it will expand and flow to the coolant recovery tank (reservoir) and as it cools (contracts) it will be sucked back into the radiator

How do you get windshied washer fluid out of the coolant reservoir?

Remove the coolant reservoir, flush it out, reinstall it and refill with proper coolant.

How much coolant to fill a 1997 Saturn sw1?

The amount of coolant it will take to fill your vehicle is dependent upon how low the coolant level is. You can add coolant to your coolant reservoir. The reservoir will have an indicator of when the coolant system is full.

Reservoir light popped up on your 2007 dodge charger why is that?

Reservoir light? You mean low coolant light. Low coolant level means the reservoir is low of coolant.

Why would the low coolant light come onon a 2000 Sable?

In the engine compartment, on the left side of the engine is the coolant reservoir. In the coolant reservoir, there is a sensor at the bottom of the reservoir. This sensor is supposed to let you know when you are low on coolant, but can also become defective, and give you a "false-positive" reading. The only way to know this is to check your coolant when the low coolant light comes on. If there is a significant decrease in coolant, you may have a problem in the cooling system , but if you don't, chances are the sensor isn't working. If the sensor is the problem, you can unplug it from the coolant reservoir, by unscrewing the two screws holding the reservoir to the car's inside firewall, then tilting the back of the coolant reservoir forward until you see wiring coming from the bottom of the reservoir, which is the plug for the low coolant sensor. Unplug the sensor, and the low coolant light won't come on anymore. However, you will now have to make sure you check your coolant level in the reservoir on a regular basis.

Where to put water and coolant Into a 2000 BMW X5?

The water and coolant is put in the coolant reservoir for the location of this refer to the owners manual. It is best to do this when the engine is cold otherwise you run the risk of getting boiling water all over you. the mixture of coolant to water should be about 50/50.

What is the cause of excessively high coolant level in the coolant recovery reservoir?

coolant fan

Check coolant level?

To check the coolant level of a vehicle first see look for the overflow reservoir. There should be a coolant dipstick with a level gauge on it. Remove it from the reservoir to see the coolant level.

Can no coolant in reservoir cause engine not to start?

Coolant is used to keep an engine in a vehicle at a temperature safe for operation. If no coolant is in the reservoir, an engine will not start.

Where is a 1997 Jetta Coolant reservoir?

The coolant reservoir on the MK3 jetta is located against the firewall. It is a small round reservoir.

Where is coolant sensor on freightliner with cat engine?

Bottom of the coolant reservoir.

How do you fill coolant?

Add coolant to the full cold line on the coolant reservoir when engine is cold.

Where is the coolant level sensor on a 2004 Saturn Vue. In the radiator or the reservoir?

at the bottom of the coolant reservoir tank.

What is reservoir?

The reservoir is usually considered to be the tank which holds coolant. It feeds the coolant into the radiator when needed, and receives coolant from the radiator as is necessary. This is where you check and maintain the coolant level. Make sure the cap is on quite tight.

How do refill the coolant on a Saturn sl?

The plastic coolant reservoir on the fender feeds directly into the coolant system. Just add coolant to the reservoir and if you have drained the coolant or otherwise emptied the system, you may need to check the level in the reservoir after running the engine, or more accurately, after the engine has cooled. Once the coolant level has stabilized, just check it periodically to make certain that the coolant level never gets too low.

Why coolant leaks when engine is off but heat wont work when engine running?

The heat is not working because you are very low on coolant, probably because of the leak. Seems to me that it should leak worse when it is running, so I am going to assume you are talking about the coolant overflowing the reservoir, in which case goes back to you being low on coolant and the engine boiling the coolant.

Why would there be excessive coolant in the recovery reservoir?

As time passes water in the fluid evaporates and needs more so it Will suck it out of the overflow. It Will also dump it into the overflow if it overheats.

How do you detect coolant loss?

Look on the ground! Monitor the coolant reservoir.

Where is coolant sensor in 94 eagle vision tsi?

coolant reservoir

How many gallons of coolant does the brake coolant reservoir hold?


What should the raidiator coolant level be?

The coolant level is set by the level in the coolant reservoir. There is a line for the level if the engine is cold and a line for if the engine is up to temperature. You should fill it to the corresponding line.

What do you put in the coolant reservoir?

If the reservoir is low, ad a 50/50 mix of coolant and water. Or, buy it premixed and ad as is.