Why is Islam so popular?


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Truth acts as a most powerful glue in all cases. Islam glues everyone to itself to those who take interest in knowing the reality of life and of this world. i.e Who created this universe with extra-ordinary balances, Who is God?, Why is man here on earth? How can sufferings be removed from the whole world? what is the criteria of success in life? and many more...

Answer updated**** Islam attracts the attention of many people as it provides straightforward answers to the meaning of why we are here on Earth - to prove ourselves worthy of the rewards of the afterlife or passage into heaven. Muslims who follow the Q'uran should be respectful of all people, regardless of race, gender or even religion. In this way, Islam is different from many religions, as they are not to judge people for their choice of religion. The Q'uran says that Allah (God) also created all religions before Islam (Christianity, Judaism etc) but that the holy books of these religions had been changed by Man for their own purposes. This explains that all religions have the same basis, but that Islam is the most recent and accurate as the true word of God. Thus, the Q'uran, as the most recently written holy book, was said by Allah to be believed as the true word of God, and that anyone who changed the wording would suffer torment in the afterlife. The Q'uran has not been changed since it was written and many non-arab Muslims learn to read Arabic in order to read the Q'uran. Islam is appealing to many people as its holy book, the Q'uran, has been unchanged since it was written, it contains refernces to many scientific discoveries which were made years after the Q'uran was written (which helps to prove its accuracy/believability), and contains scripture which is based around guiding Muslims to be truly good, respectful people.


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Do you mean what is the most popular religion? If so, the most popular religion is Christianity and then Islam.

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Islam is a religion - therefore the answer is Islam.

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well people long ago were making their own religions such as islam, catholic, and so on. so different people wanted to know about each others religion. As they continued, they started to become popular. and that's how it is today

Sufism is a branch of the Sunni sect of Islam. Sunni's are the most popular sect."

The reason why "Islam" is so popular in the Middle East is because prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was born in the Middle East in the city of Mecca or Makkah and at the age of 40 came with the religion of Islam. So basically why is Islam so popular in the Middle East its because its started there. Don't get me wrong it started at the beginning of time but then more and more people don't follow Islam so Allah (Arabic word for God) sent down messengers/prophets to follow people on the straight path. Religion in also much more central to political and cultural importance in the Middle East as a region than Europe or even America. As Islam is the dominant religion in that region, its effects are much more pronounced. ________________________________________________________ Islam religion is important to the follower of Islam where ever he is living. Only small percentage of world Muslims are in the Middle East. Muslims in the Middle East are only around 15% of total world Muslim population. So, Islam religion importance is not limited to the Middle East.

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No, Christianity is the religion with the most believers, followed by Islam. Hinduism is the third most popular language in the world. The first and most popular religion is Christianity followed by Islam religion. no i would like to say that Hinduism is now the most popular and having largest number of follower in this world followed by Islam and third is Christianity.

The World biggest religion is Christianity and Islam.

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Islam teaches Equality as all human beings are the off-spring of a single couple. It gives equal rights to all human beings. Thus the poor were attrcted towards Islam.

Yes, Islam is now more popular than it was before. the reason for this popularity is the advancement in the electronic media. Now more and more people are coming to realise the ultimate fereedom and prosperity that Islam offers. as a result, Islam remains the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam also has the lowest out-conversion rate in the world which means that more nad more people are coming in Islam and less and less people are quitting Islam.

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