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Israel is cherished by Jews for several reasons: Firstly, it is our historical homeland, and the religious centre of Judaism. All of the holy Jewish sites are there. Secondly, history has shown, over and over, that it is just not safe for Jews to be without a national homeland, and to just be minorities in other nations. And as if any more proof of this was needed, the Holocaust, and the death of six million Jews, proved that Jews had to have one tiny corner of the globe where they could determine their own fate and control their own security. Before Israel was re-established, in 1948, the majority of Jews felt acutely vulnerable in other countries. The classic racist remark that was thrown at Jews was 'Go back where you came from!'. Can you imagine how that must have felt, to people who HAD no place to go, if the country they lived in turned against them? Israel has restored to Jews a sense of pride. If we'd had Israel back in WW2, we wouldn't have lost six million of our fellow Jews, or suffered in the death camps, because Israel would have come to help us. No other country even tried to bomb the railway tracks leading to the concentration camps - the Allies could have, but chose not to. To understand more fully what Israel means to us, I recommend the wonderful novel EXODUS, by Leon Uris. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Why is jesus so important to israel?

The jews do not consider him important at all.

Why is 1948 important to the Jews?

It is the year when the state of Israel was founded.

Why is Israel so important to Jews?

Israel is not only important to us, we also have a very great love for it. Israel is the PROMISED LAND of the Jews. This means that this land will always belong to the Jews. Israel is so important to us because our Torah, nation, ancestors, and our Temple (worship sanctuary of G-d) was born there. When the messiah comes, the JEws will be brought back to their land and rebuild their temple, and there will tranquility and peace for all eternity.

Why Israel improantd to Jews?

Israel is important to Jews because it is their homeland where Avraham (Abraham) was commanded to move by G-D. It was in those days called "Canaan" and that is also where the 12 Tribes of Israel were, and Israel was commanded to live there by G-D.

Why is the synagogue important to Jews?

It is the center of Jewish life outside of Israel. Jews go to a synagogue to study, pray, and socialize with other Jews.

What is Jews important country?

Israel has been the Jewish homeland for thousands of years.

Where is the homeland of the Jews besides Israel?

Israel is the only homeland of the Jews.

Why is it so important to Jews that they call themselves children of Abraham?

Jews actually normally call themselves Children of Israel, the grandson of Abraham. The reason Jews call themselves this is because Jews believe that their ancestors are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel). Since the Jews are decedents of these patriarchs, the Jews are their children.

How are judaism and Israel alike?

Israel is the homeland of the Jews. The word Israel also refers to all the Jews in the world.

Why is the state of Israel so important for Jews?

Israel is the Jewish homeland. Jews were expelled from their homeland in 70 CE by the Romans, and have been treated very badly in many different countries for nearly 2000 years. Jewish prayers and hearts have yearned to return to Israel for millenia. Israel represents a haven for Jews to escape persecution and mistreatment.

Is Judaism an important belief in Asia?

Israel is in Asia, it has the largest Jewish population in the world. Outside of Israel, there are very few Jews in Asia.

Why is Canaan so important to the Jews?

The designation of "Canaan" is not important to the Jews. But the same land, referred to as Israel, is the Jewish homeland (Exodus ch.3 and many other passages).

What city in Israel has Jews and Muslims in it?

Every city in Israel has Jews and Muslims in it.

What country are Jews from?

the Jews are from israel. israel has been a Jewish country from the times of the bible.

What percent of all Jews live in Israel?

41% of all Jews live in israel

Why is Jerusalem so significant to both sides?

its important to the Jews because its the capital of our beloved Israel and its important to the Arabs because its important to us

Why should the Jews claim Israel?

The Jews claimed Israel based on the bible. The state of Israel was given to them in 1948 by the U.N.

What percentage of Jews living in Israel were born there?

Out of approximately 76 percent of the Jews in Israel, roughly 67 were born in Israel.

Why is a synagogue important to a Jew?

The synagogue is the center of Jewish life outside Israel. It is a place where Jews study, pray, and socialize with other Jews.

What percentage of Jews living in Israel are converted Jews?

Good question! In Israel, only Orthodox Jews can perform conversions.

Where do Jews live in Israel?

Jews live across all parts of Israel, although Orthodox Jews and Reformed Jews are often found together.

What country do Jews worship?

Jews do not worship any specific country or land. They worship God. However, Jews believe that God promised them the Land of Israel which is currently part of the State of Israel, the Palestinian Territories and extends a little bit into Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon.

How many Jews that live in Israel were born in Israel?

A little over 7 million Jews live in Israel and 67% of them were born in Israel

How many more Jews are there in the Diaspora than Israel?

At present, there are 6 million Jews in Israel and 8 million Jews elsewhere.

Are Jews and Israel the same?

There are Jews all over the world. The one who live in Israel are Israeli Jews, like those in the U.S called American Jews.

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