Why is Italy called Italy?

Italy is called Italy Because there was once a man who had a horses. One of his Horses was called Italy. The man was out excersising his horse one day, and the king was also out! The King was out walking in the forests. The man saw a woman in the distance about to shoot the king! When the gun fired the horse bolted and leaving his rider on the ground. The horse reared up at the bullet and left the king escape!!! The horse unfortuanly died! But because of the horses great effort and care the King asked the man what would he like in return? The man replied " My horse died for you, a stranger to him! He showed he didnt care who you were! He just wanted to save you! Call one of you most favourite things after my horse! After all he did save your Life" The king replied " I will do my best!" And he went home. The next week it was all over the country that it would be called "Italy". Italy meant " Calf Land" The horse grow up with cows and calfs and the horse thought himself as one and that's why the horse was called Italy!!