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I hate Monsanto as well for the reasons everyone else does. I think food should be pure the way mother nature intended. But..I get this comment a lot from non haters: "GMO's can help world hunger"

Monsanto is bad because their chemicals cause long-term damage to life on this planet - despite the short-term benefits such as higher yields. Would you eat a plant that cannot be killed by Round-Up - a weedkiller which kills or damages all natural plants? They have engineered plants that can be sprayed with huge doses of Round-Up and live (for us to eat) while the weeds around them die.

Monsanto is bad for humanity for several reasons:

1. They use genetically modified seeds with something called terminator technology. When a harvest happens, the seeds produced by the new crops are rendered useless. Although in 1999, Monsanto agreed to not commercialize terminator technology. This means farmers have to repeatedly purchase these seeds. 2.Most crops Monsanto grows are heavily fertilized. In essence your eating pesticides, fertilizer, antibiotics etc. 3. They have uprooted countless agricultural traditions in places like India, Mongolia, Vietnam. For example in India sesame seed oil was once the way people made their money and cooked their food cheaper. Monsanto lobbied the Indian government to use soy bean oil (soy is their main product). This destroyed the economic stability of India's subsistence farmers. It is awful for their economy, but also for their health. Immediate heavy intakes of soy can be extremely harmful for the body..I don't know why, don't ask. just Google it. 4. Monsanto because of its recent growth by buying out its competitors is imposing a monopoly on the world grain trade...this largest agricultural market in the world. The grain trade feeds cows, pigs, chickens, us, everything we eat comes from grain food. Monsanto by having a monopoly kills smaller businesses, makes us unhealthy, uproots local agriculture etc.

If you want to read more about where your food comes from, its economic effects, and the harmfulness of Monsanto read an AWESOME book called: Stolen Harvest .

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Q: Why is Monsanto bad for humanity?
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