Why is Taiwan called Taiwan?

cause china(people republic of china) and Taiwan was a contry, after war Taiwan (as republic of china)lost the war, so they separated.the communist got china,so they use the name, they cant be 2 china in the world, so they use Taiwan.but the real name is republic of china(ROC)

Not totally correct and very misleading. Taiwan was awarded to Japan in 1895 because of military superiority of China. Taiwan people did not have a military and China sent ships to the island in order for sugarcane and numerous minerals to be mined and grown for money to be sent back to the Empress. The Republic of China is not a land/country but it is a "government". It was the name of the government on the mainland of China up until they were defeated just after WWII. Taiwan first tried to assert themselves as an independent country in 1895 and again in 1945 (approximately) after the defeat of Japan. Because Chiang, Kai Shek was an ally during WWII and since he was being defeated on the mainland, it was thought that if he took the island, that China could be monitored by the US. The people were mistreated and killed until they were subdued enough to stop fighting back and to realize that they could not take back their country. The real name of the island is Formosa or Taiwan...not "The Republic of China". The island has only been controlled by Chinese forces for a little over 100 years prior to Japan being the so-called "owners". Taiwan NEVER fought China...therefore they could never have lost. People should read and learn and not follow what anybody says or writes.