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Why is Urban Dictionary so awesome?

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Answer 1:Urban Dictionary is a website that is exactly how it sounds - a dictionary for modern slang. It's a user-contributed dictionary and has a daily email list featuring one word a day.

It's awesome because it breaks it down. It gives great definitions and even better examples for word use.

Answer 2:WHO TOLD YOU THAT?! urban dctionary is not awesome and it most definetly DOES NOT give great definitions because they are offensive to every person in some kind of way. it includes racial slurs and the judgment of looks. the person that created it is pure idiot!
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What is kaitie?

According to the Urban Dictionary, Katie is a totally awesome girl

You know what Urban Dictionary is?

its a awesome place and you can search words and they will be turned into slang

When was Urban Dictionary created?

Urban Dictionary was created in 1998.

What does triggy mean?

According to the urban dictionary "triggy" means exceptionally cool and awesome.

Is urban dictionary something that is safe for work?

Urban dictionary is not a dictionary that should be used in a work or school environment. Urban dictionary is a dictionary for terms that are used in everyday slang or jargon. It is a more humorous than it is a serious dictionary.

Who writes the descriptions for urban dictionary?

Anyone can write stuff on Urban. So it could be made by anyone

Who created the Urban Dictionary?

The website Urban Dictionary set up in 1999 by Aaron Peckha.

What does the Urban dictionary say about The Cold One?

According to Urban Dictionary, "The Cold One" refers to vampires or the undead. An alternative definition by Urban Dictionary for "The Cold One" is beer.

Is bvujf a word?

i wouldn't think so but u can try a online dictionary. theres also urban dictionary. jfgi

Is the urban dictionary a good dictionary?

Urban Dictionary isn't like Webster where you look up definitions for everyday words. It's where you look up urban slang, but it's good at that:)

Which is better - WikiAnswers or Urban Dictionary?

WikiAnswers; it has a broader range, with 6000 topics, while Urban Dictionary is more like a dictionary that only focuses on one subject - that of urban slang.

What is the definition of check it according to the Urban dictionary?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of the term "check it" is to look at this or listen to this. You can find the definition of more slang words and terms online at the Urban Dictionary website.

What is urban dictionary?

"Urban Dictionary" is an online dictionary that mostly consists of slang words and curse words. "" would be most recommended for cleaner behavior.

What does the term perreando mean in the urban dictionary?

The Urban Dictionary definition for "perreando" is dirty dancing. It is a Spanish word and the exact definition will vary from place to place so it is best to look at multiple sources.

How does the Urban Dictionary define luggage?

Urban Dictionary defines the word "luggage" to mean the male sexual organ, sanitary napkins or a venereal disease. Urban Dictionary tends to define words based on slang and hidden innuendos.

What is 409 friendly?

409 friendlyisn't defined yet. So says urban dictionary

Urbans of the Chabi's?

Offres Speciales Chez BonPrixNorton: Warrning This is a fake Urban Dictionary Website!Urban Dictionary has blocked Norton.

Are school reviews on urban dictionary reliable?

Urban dictionary is something you put your name in and it finds ur personality and its like being stalked

What is the Urban Dictionary definition of the phrase baby boo?

Urban Dictionary definition of baby boo is: baby boo means he is mine ladies keep your hands off. And example of use would be: He is my baby boo so get it straight.

What are some dictionary websites?

Urban Dictonary

What is Bowvember?

There is no such term, even in the urban dictionary.

How do you post something on urban dictionary?

YOu post it

Is tunk a word?

no, that's urban dictionary

What is ring sting?

According to the Urban Dictionary, it is what you get after eating spicy foods. There is another definition given for it in the Urban Dictionary, but that definition is not appropriate for WikiAnswers website.

What is urban chat?

Urban Chat is an online chat website. Urban Chat is part of Urban Dictionary. There is also an Urban Chat Facebook page.