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Wikianswers is not distracting. It is only distracting when you become addicted to it.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-15 01:54:47
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Q: Why is WikiAnswers so distracting?
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What should you do if WikiAnswers is distracting you from finishing your homework but you are a Wiki-holic?

If WikiAnswers is distracting you from finishing your homework, you should make yourself get off WikiAnswers and finish your homework. Being a Wiki-holic is okay, but you have your whole life to be on WikiAnswers. You are only in school for a short time in your life and homework needs to come first.

Is distracting a noun or an adjective?

distracting is an adjective

How do WikiAnswers contributors know so much?

The WikiAnswers contributors know so much because they learned that much in school and from WikiAnswers.

Why does WikiAnswers have so many members?

WikiAnswers has so many members because Wikianswers is a great site to ask your questions and get them answered [by real people], or answer a question yourself. So, why not join the WikiAnswers Community today?

Is WikiAnswers fake?

No, WikiAnswers is not fake. If WikiAnswers was fake, you couldn't have asked the question you asked, and I wouldn't be answering it. So, WikiAnswers is real.

How do you use distracting in sentence?

The magician's real trick is in distracting the attention of his audience.

What is more distracting sound or light?

I truly believe that it is light that is more distracting.

How do you spell 'distracting' in Arabic?

Distracting : tashteet ( in Arabic ) and it is written this way : تشتيت

Should students have dress codes if so Why?

Yes, for the sake of not distracting other students

Is it legal to play guitar in the streets of NYC?

No i do not think so unless your distracting somebody

Is pop more distracting then heavy metal?

Is it more distracting? What a strange question. I dont even know how to answer this. Heavy Metal is very complicated musically, so if you are paying attention to the sound carefully (as most metalheads do im sure) than it might be more distracting than the simplistic sounds of pop music. Although in my opinion, pop music is very distracting, and annoying. Both are distracting, because heavy metal is loud and dumb and pop music is mushy and dumb!

Is it bad if you are obsessed with WikiAnswers?

Of course it isn't, WikiAnswers is a source of information so a WikiAnswers obsession just furthers your knowlage.

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