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Black is a slimming colour because it "hides" the visible shape of your body. For example, if a bigger woman is wearing a white dress, your eye would instantly see every non-smooth part of her body, but if she was wearing a black dress, the eye would see the woman as more "whole" than separate parts. If you are standing in a white room, the room will look bigger because white is a very bright colour, whereas if the room was dark, it would look much smaller because it is such a contrast to the daily outside colours that we see.


nearly right ... Actually we see as black as more slimming because we cannot see the shadows created by lumps and bumps on black material. It only works from the front or back, as soon as they turn to the side its impossible to hide the shape of the body. Because white is such a bright colour we can see all the shadows that lurk underneath all those fat rolls- exaggerating them.


I personally think I look great in both colors and it doesn't matter which one I wear... I thought of white as a slimming color... but I'm skinny anyway.


You are all quite right. And as the last comment clearly stated, wearing black or white doesn't always make a noticeable difference in size. It depends on the person, I'm like that too. However people with "Rolls" or "lumps and bumps" usually do look better in black because they are harder to see on black material because the shadows caused by them are not visible since shadows are dark too. And so it gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. And as for white material, it can not get any lighter so the shadows will be most visible with this colour. Making larger people look slightly larger.


I think it depends whether you are overweight or skinny. It also matters about the surroundings (ex. wearing a white dress in front of a dark wall) which would make it either more or less noticeable depending on what you are wearing against what background.

It is a complete opposite of our skin color so it compliments our hair, eyes and lips

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Q: Why is black a slimming color and white a less flattering color?
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