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Narcissists act as if they want people to envy them, but in reality they envy others which makes them crazy, and they "act out." They easily get into conflicts with coworkers, friends and family just to make a point of being right about a certain subject. It is extremely important to them that others think they are in a "genius" league. Narcissists will choose people of high intelligence (but rarely can keep up) and pick on what they consider the more unintelligent to control and manipulate. They often will hang around "the average person" because they feel these people are controllable and think that he/she is a genius in nature and it strokes their egos. The idea of "it's OK to agree to disagree" is not in their vocabulary. Narcissistic people are actually quite weak and they have had some reason in their up-bringing to be this way. They have either been goaded into the fact they must be a winner at all things, or they have had one or both parents tell them they are stupid and not worth the air space they take up. These type of people have a goal of proving everyone wrong and they are right. They could be under the heading of "perfectionists" yet they aren't and can be quite sloppy about their work habits and every other aspect of their lives. Their vision is distorted as far as what normal society sees out there. Liars they are, but in ways they dramatize on what could be true to impress whomever they are talking to at the time. Marcy ANSWER - I think my N discovered something too...that I was onto him and fed up with him. I received one email from him asking us to be friends, and I have ignored that too and so other response. my stupidly romantic way I am still longing for him to "get it" and come back to me on bended knee. Right. He knows he pushed me to the edge, and he knows what I see now. The devil has been fully revealed and I am not associating with him anymore. I believe he hasn't the soul to realize his errors. I am not worth the effort anymore because he knows I am onto him and I cannot be duped anymore, I have God on my side and I know he is a liar...ruthless, heartless and faithless. He's probably gloating over the fact that he did have me for so long, filling me with his lies and using me up with what I thought was love but was actually a vampiric sort of using me up. He didn't get me, did he. I saved myself. I just dread seeing him again, because just like Satan, he's all wrapped up in light, but inside he is so, so dark. I will have to pray, maybe show a crucifix, to keep myself from being led astray again. Love to all...mbme If they see you getting more attention than them, they will watch you. My daughter even noticed this loser i was involved with would watch me as I talked to other people. He would be engaged apparantly in a conversation yet keep looking to see who and how i was talking with. But then I would get the silent treatment. These types are envious if you are better looking, get a raise, take care of your kids, have friends, and basically a life.

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Q: Why is envy so important in the life of a narcissist?
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Will he block you out of his narcissist life?

Mine did. I dumped him and he blocked me from everything because I was so angry and called him names and wouldn't get over my anger. He said I hurt him because I called him a "coward", "a narcissist", "a jerk", "stupid", etc. so he blocked me completely.

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Narcissist in love with a narcissist?

It's certainly possible. A narcissist may date another narcissist that is more selfish than they are to feel better about themselves. In turn say "i'm not as selfish as he/she is so that makes me above him/her). It's incredible and shocking the way people with this disorder think. It takes a lot of research to understand a narcissist.

If a narcissist asked you to wait 10 years for him does this mean you will never be free from him?

Why would some one "wait." 10 years? it doesn't matter who you are waiting for if the person loved you they would demonstrate that love right away. So, if some one decides to put their life on hold for a narcissist i suggest to go get professional help as to why you would do such a thing. Plus, I think you would give as your life will change. A Narcissist thinks you have nothing better to do!!

How can you become the love of your narcissist boyfriend's life?

Narcissist people are self centered; selfish; can't be relied on and are looking out for themselves only so I have no idea why you would want to be his one great love. Do yourself a favor girl while you can and run fast and far!

Why does a narcissist keep another women a secret from ex partner?

Narcissists need to keep their various relationships and acquaintances separate from each other so that the various groups or individuals cannot get together and"compare" notes since the life of a narcissist is based on lies, illusions and delusions. This is essential to the narcissist because they lie so much about everything and because they create false "realities" in order to impress others.

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Can someone be a narcissist in training so to speak where they definitely have narcissistic traits but not full-blown narcissism and if so can they change?

They can be a developing narcissist. NO. they can NOT change. Sorry. Run while you can!

Can a narcissist show appreciation?

A narcissist cannot show appreciation. A narcissist is a person who looks at themselves as higher than others, or believing they can do any task better than others, so for a narcissist to show appreciation would be very odd.

Can relationship make you a narcissist?

not so much a narcissist but for sure you will notice in hindsight that you were beginning to act like those morons do.......a co-dependent

How long does a narcissist keep friends?

For as long as they can. Narcissists need people. They have to have someone to envy them; agree with them; think they are they greatest thing in the world and so on. You are pretty much in their world to be what they need you to be not what you are. They only act of kindness you get is when they notice you have had about enough of them and since they don't want someone to leave their life they throw you something to make you feel special for a bit; then its back to them. And if you do decided to leave well its YOUR loss of course.

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Can the narcissist ever become himself and he is a narcissist and so is his mother he seems to look to her for acceptance can he change if she accepts him?

I don't think so. How can change occur in narcissist whose mother is a narcissist as well, even if she accepts him? The very sickness comes from that lack of emotional support given by the mother at the most crucial time, birth. My mother in law has damaged my husband so much that because he is a product of his environment, he had dished out his madness upon me and his children. Sadly, I am the one who had the mental breakdown and has suffered so much. Is there really help for a narcissist?

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How do you help a narcissist?

The question is help them how? Refer them to counseling, but they don't want to be fixed, though you may want to fix them to be a 'normal' person so you can keep a relationship with them. If you are a lay person and in a relationship with a narcissist, you cannot help them. Just by the nature of your relationship and the pathology of a narcissist, things will get ugly, it will be at your expense and there will be no change in the narcissist. A good therapist will be the one to help a narcissist, but it takes a great deal of work on the part of the narcissist, a commitment to healing, only they don't see themselves as 'broken' or anything wrong with them, so an honest introspective communication with a therapist is rare. It's so hard to understand. Leaving them is best for you though and isn't that sad that that is also the way to help a narcissist, because they are sucking your goodness from you and using it to buoy themselves. So sad.

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