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Why is envy so important in the life of a narcissist?

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2008-08-25 23:17:35

Narcissists act as if they want people to envy them, but in

reality they envy others which makes them crazy, and they "act

out." They easily get into conflicts with coworkers, friends and

family just to make a point of being right about a certain subject.

It is extremely important to them that others think they are in a

"genius" league. Narcissists will choose people of high

intelligence (but rarely can keep up) and pick on what they

consider the more unintelligent to control and manipulate. They

often will hang around "the average person" because they feel these

people are controllable and think that he/she is a genius in nature

and it strokes their egos. The idea of "it's OK to agree to

disagree" is not in their vocabulary. Narcissistic people are

actually quite weak and they have had some reason in their

up-bringing to be this way. They have either been goaded into the

fact they must be a winner at all things, or they have had one or

both parents tell them they are stupid and not worth the air space

they take up. These type of people have a goal of proving everyone

wrong and they are right. They could be under the heading of

"perfectionists" yet they aren't and can be quite sloppy about

their work habits and every other aspect of their lives. Their

vision is distorted as far as what normal society sees out there.

Liars they are, but in ways they dramatize on what could be true to

impress whomever they are talking to at the time. Marcy ANSWER - I

think my N discovered something too...that I was onto him and fed

up with him. I received one email from him asking us to be friends,

and I have ignored that too and so other response. my stupidly romantic way I am still longing for him to

"get it" and come back to me on bended knee. Right. He knows he

pushed me to the edge, and he knows what I see now. The devil has

been fully revealed and I am not associating with him anymore. I

believe he hasn't the soul to realize his errors. I am not worth

the effort anymore because he knows I am onto him and I cannot be

duped anymore, I have God on my side and I know he is a

liar...ruthless, heartless and faithless. He's probably gloating

over the fact that he did have me for so long, filling me with his

lies and using me up with what I thought was love but was actually

a vampiric sort of using me up. He didn't get me, did he. I saved

myself. I just dread seeing him again, because just like Satan,

he's all wrapped up in light, but inside he is so, so dark. I will

have to pray, maybe show a crucifix, to keep myself from being led

astray again. Love to all...mbme If they see you getting more

attention than them, they will watch you. My daughter even noticed

this loser i was involved with would watch me as I talked to other

people. He would be engaged apparantly in a conversation yet keep

looking to see who and how i was talking with. But then I would get

the silent treatment. These types are envious if you are better

looking, get a raise, take care of your kids, have friends, and

basically a life.

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