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Why is everything in English and Spanish when English is the language of the US and having things in Spanish is discriminatory against Polish and Italians and Greeks and French etc?


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March 27, 2013 3:54PM

also because we border Mexico and especially in the southern us and southern California Texas Arizona, etc there will be alot of Spanish. there are way more Spanish speakers here than polish or German or Greek


Because English and Spanish are the two most commonly spoken languages in the U.S. There's nothing discriminatory about it. If there were as many Greek-speaking people in the U.S. as there are Spanish-speaking people, then all the signs would be in English, Greek and Spanish.

The Power of English and Spanish

Are you kidding? English is spoken WORLDWIDE so what's discriminatory against Polish, Italians, Greeks and French? English is the language of pilots and air controllers and commerce. Try living in today's world without flying and conducting business. English is the native language of an entire continent called Australia. Spanish is spoken throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America with the exception of Brazil. It's also spoken in north Africa in the enclaves of Ceuta, Mellila and the Canary Islands. Now take a look at where Polish is spoken, In Poland-that's it. How about Italian? In Italy and Sicily. French of course is spoken more widely than just in France but still is very very limited when compared to English and Spanish. Greek? Spoken in Greece, the Greek islands and in part of Cyprus. That's it.

spanish is also spoken in sub saharan west Africa. German is spoken some areas in northern Italy while Italian is also spoken in Switzerland. plus English is a native language in Malta. so the world is becoming a one language universe.