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hajj is a pilgrimage for a Muslim because they believe that it takes away sins and a place just all day worshiping god.

they go to hajj only if they think that they are the chosen one to go for a hajj pilgrimage and worship god in hajj.

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When should Muslims go to makkah?

for a pilgramige to hajj to show that have fufilled the five pillars

What it the difference between hajj and Lourdes?

Hajj is a pilgramige that happens once a year but Lourdes is open all year round to all religions

What is hajj qiraan?

Okay, Hajj is pilgramige- it's when the Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mecca. Everyone usually does it in the last month of the Islamic year. In the first 10 days.

Do you fast during pilgrimage?

If you are performing pilgramige you don't need to but when it comes to the Day of Arafaat, you must. But if you're not performing pilgramige in the month of the Pilgramige then you should fast.

What is pilgramige?

it is an upsping

Why is it important for Muslim to go on the Hajj?

Because it is a holy pilgramige but it is not cumpulsory for every Muslim to go that cannot afford it. Other reasons for not going og being allowed to go are: - bad health - depths or from borrowing money to go to Haj

What are 10 facts about hajj?

hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj hajj

What was life like on a pilgrimage?

boring? depends who you are and why you are on pilgramige

What are the 3 main Muslim festivels?

pilgramige,feasting and faith

What effect does pilgramige have on people?

It gives people a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment.

What is the second part of pilgrim's progress called?

the pilgramige of christiana, her children, and her friends

What is the journey of the hajj?

hajj: the journey of hajj is a place of worship !! :)

How do you use the word hajj in a sentence?

I am going to Hajj. I will go to Hajj next year. My aunt is back from Hajj. Performing Hajj is a good deed.

What is a Pilgramige?

if you are going somewhere for a religious reason and a pilgrim is a person that is traveling for a religious reason.

Why do people go on a pilgrimage?

They go on a pilgramige because they want to be closer to God or their Gods....!!

Is hajj of 2011 will be hajj e akbar?

Hajj e Akbar (Great Hajj) is each year that the Eid e Ghorban (festival of sacrifice) falls in Friday and so Hajj of 2011 was not Hajj e Akbar.

What is a sentence for hajj?

hajj is a islamic place

Is the second life hajj a good suppliment of the offline hajj?

The question is unclear. There is no offline Hajj.

Who observes hajj?

The Muslims observe Hajj. It is obligatory to perform Hajj once in life time.

What are the fa rd of hajj?

The fard of Hajj is: the obligatory Hajj is the 5th pillar of Islam: Performing Hajj to the house of Allah in Makkah once in a lifetime for those who are able physically and financially. this one time hajj is obligatory, and any other Hajj after the obligatory Hajj is cconsidered voluntary. Have a nice day. Kaiser.

What is hajj akhbar?

In fact, Umrah is called Hajj-i-Asghar and the annual Hajj in Zil Hijja is called Hajj-i-Akbar. It is commonly, without any authentic Hadith, said that the annual Hajj on 9th of Zil Hijja if falls on Friday is called hajj-i-Akbar.

Where is hajj celebrated?

Muslims make a Hajj to Mecca in Saudia Arabia, they will also make a Hajj to Jeursalem

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