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Why is hard to breathe in summer?

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There can be numerous reasons why it may be more difficult to breathe in the summer, some are, seasonal Allergies, ozone, poor air quality, humidity, pollen, open windows leaving in car exhaust fumes and other air pollutents. Cheyzer

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Why is it hard to breathe when you laugh real hard?

It is hard to breathe when you laugh out loud because you used most of you breathe to laugh as hard as you did. Try to get someone to make you laugh. Then see how long it takes you to catch your breathe...

Name something that's hard to do on a particularly hot summer day?

run, go into work, yard work, sleep, breathe

What is an example sentence with breathe?

She was laughing so hard that she found it hard to breathe.Now the work was over, he could breathe easy.Try not to breathe in the deadly fumes.

Does lung cancer make it extremely hard to breathe?

Yes Lung cancer makes it extremely hard to breathe!

What happens if you breathe in chlorine?

you would choke and find it hard to breathe.

Why do you breathe hard around someone you like?

because you get really nervous and you kind of just breathe hard or blush it happens to everyone

Why is it hard to breath in a high place?

Its hard to breathe in a high place because the density or the amount of air decrease with altitude and so when you go higher you find it hard to breathe.

Can hard shelled turtles breathe underwater?


Why is air pressure at the top of a mountain hard to breathe?

You dont breathe air pressure. You breathe air. It is harder to breathe because of the low air pressure due to the higher elavation.

Is ok for a 13 year old cat to breathe hard?

For a cat to breathe hard for any reason is a cause for concern. It is recommended that you take your cat to the vet as soon as possible.

How do I breathe easier For about a week my lungs have been feeling weird and it's been hard to breathe Please respond?

A rescue inhaler can help you to breathe easier. If your lungs have been feeling weird and it's been hard to breathe for about a week, you should see a doctor. You may need to see a pulmonologist.

Why does asthma make it hard for people to breathe?

pizza is biogaphicL

What effects does bronchitis have on the respiratory system?

it makes it hard to breathe

Can people breathe under water?

Yes If you try really hard

Lump in upper stomach and sometimes hard to breathe?

go to the doctor

Why does my dog vomit and breathe hard?

Take it to you nearest vet then you will find out.

Why does emphysema make it hard to breathe?

because it closes the bronchial thingy's

The word that means breathe hard and quickly?

Pant or gasp.

Why is it hard to breathe in Denver?

Its altitude is at 5000ft above sea level.

How dangerous is it to have hard wood?

hard wood is basically killing yourself because trees breathe co2 and let out oxygen which is what we breathe. we let out co2. if you chop a tree, you are a step closer to killing yourself.

Why do you breathe hard after working out?

why you breathe hard after working outbecause you are using energy...and when you use energy it is harder to when you are done your body is taking the advantage that it is getting from you stopping. AlsooooWhen you exercise your body makes more CO2, and takes in more O2, so the more CO2 you need to get rid of, so the more you need to breathe.

Meaning of the name summer?

summer is an American name meaning .....well........ the actual season.... summer. kinda hard to put in words........ summer means summer

Does tar block the lungs or make it hard to breathe?

Tar does indeed block the lungs and can make it very difficult to breathe. This is a substance that is not supposed to be there.

Why do you breathe faster after running hard and after playing hard?

Breathing is when your body is getting oxygen to your cells. When you are physically active your cells use the oxygen faster so you have to breathe faster to get the same amount of oxygen to your cells

Why is it hard to breath on the top of mount everest?

It is hard to breathe on the summit of Mount Everest because of the altitude and lack of oxygen.