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Why is hurricanes bad for the earth?

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How bad can hurricanes get?

How bad can a hurricane get

Why are hurricanes bad?

Hurricanes are bad because the bad winds destroy homes, trees and cars and sometimes even bring FLOODS!

How bad are hurricanes in coral springs Florida?

not that bad

Do hurricanes form in the mesosphere?

No. Hurricanes occur in the troposphere, as does nearly all weather on earth.

How do hurricanes bring damage to earth?

hurricanes destroy homes.hurricanes can start flooding.can kill humans

What are the hurricanes' names on Mercury?

Only the hurricanes on Earth are given names. The planet Mercury has no atmosphere to speak of and therefore does not have hurricanes at all.

What are all the hurricanes on earth?

Global warming.

How has the earth been affected by hurricanes?


How does a dome building protect people from hurricanes and extreme bad weathers?

very bad

What affects do hurricanes have on Earth?

they obviously destroy things...

What is a destructive earth force?

Tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes

How is Earth changed by weathering?

It harms the earth when rain, tornadoes, and hurricanes disintegrate the land or rocks that we have on earth.

Are hurricanes and tornadoes considered storms?

Yes, Hurricanes and tornadoes are the two most violent types of storm on earth.

The rotation of hurricanes is related to the?

"The rotation of hurricanes is related to the?".... The rotation of the earth and the winds generated by friction as the earth rotates within our atmosphere; much the same as water "rotates" in opposite directions when above or below the equator, so do Hurricanes and Cyclones.

What is the most powerful storm on earth?

The most powerful storm on earth are tornadoes and hurricanes!

Where can hurricanes mostly happen?

asia where bad tropical storms

When do hurricanes occur in the Caribbean Islands?

i think it is about how the earth moves

What makes white swirls around earth?

Hurricanes, or clouds

What would the earth be like if we didn't have hurricanes?

ugly ugly

What are some earth science words that start with H?


How do hurricanes change the Earth's surface of the Earth?

they smash everything in there path and mess up the earth

Do hurricanes have low pressure in the eye?

Yes. Some of the lowest sea-level pressure on Earth are found in the eyes of major hurricanes.

Can hurricanes cause earthquakes?

No. Hurricanes are atmospheric phenomena, while earthquakes can only be triggered by processes relatively deep within the earth.

Does US have bad weathers?

not lot of time but they do have bad weather like earthquakes, thunderstorms and even hurricanes

How do hurricanes leave?

They often reduce speed and power into a bad storm.

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