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Why is it bad to sleep with a bra on?


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its not bad to sleep with a bra on..its just a myth when people say that your boobs wont grow if you wear a bra on at night.

You can't get cancer from it but if you wear a wire bra it's not good for the breast tissue to be squeezed in all night. It is better to sleep without.


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It is not but if the bra has a wire it is not good for the breast tissue to be that tightened.

when you sleep with a bra on it gives you a higher chance to get breast cancer

No, it's not : it's uncomfortable and bad for your breast.

Depends, if you have a tight or a wired bra it can cut off circulation. If you are sleeping in a sports bra it should not be tight. There you are!

Well if you came to me then I would just say that the end on both sides of the bra would dig in.

no of course it is not bad it may just feel a little discomfortableType your answer here...

No why would it? It's not bad at all, but it may prevent your boobs from growning.

I would say no. I usually sleep with a loose fitted sports bra or no bra at all.

There is no medical reason to intentionally sleep or not sleep in a bra. As a matter of comfort most women prefer to take them off at night.

If you are wearinjg a panty too then you are fine. It is like men sleeping only with their underwears or boxers on.

No. That you can get cancer from sleeping in a bra is a popular myth.

its comfortable for some girls its kinda safe but itz really interesting it kepps your brest up

Yes they will still grow but it is not good for the breast tissue to always be in a bra. Don't wear it when you sleep.

There is no good or bad bra size

it depends on weather you want to or not. which is more comfortable. if both of them aren't comfortable then try wearing a sports bra to sleep

No, you don't. No research have shown any relation between sleeping in bras and cancer. You can sleep in a bra if it makes you more comfortable.

No it does not. It's not good for them to sleep with a bra on though.

First of all, you don't need to wear a bra to sleep. It bothers you during ur sleep, and it's bad for you. Second of all, doesn't really matter which bra you wear. If you normally wear a bra to bed, then wear one. I wouldn't wear a crop top, unless I was worried about my nipples showing through my shirt. I nice big T-shirt is the most comfortable thing to wear. well first if this is the only bra you have then wear it wear anything just wear a bra as long as its ok with you and you need it

Nope... just a matter of personal preference. But I recommend wearing a looser one so it feels more comfy.

No, it is not a bad word. Bra is short for brassiere, an item of woman's undergarment designed to support breasts.

Yes.Especially when you sleep with it on because its stopping your breast from growing which is probably why you have to stuff your bra in the first place

Yes, it stops the blood circulation aroun your breast. Well that's what my mom tells me. I slepp with my br on every night and I'm fine.

It is bad to get a girl's bra wet because it takes awhile to dry, especially if there is any padding. Also, if a girl asks you not to get her, or her bra, wet, then that is enough of a reason not to do so.

ok? there's noting bad about wearing your sisters oLd bra

No, a lot of women prefer one to a regular bra.

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