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Why is it called 'Standing Instruction'?

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Standing instruction has element of permanance in it. It remains in force for all time to come till repealed. A Standing Instruction (SI) is a remittance service by which a customer can instruct a Bank to effect regular funds transfers at pre-set timings and amounts from the customer's deposit account to designated beneficiary account(s).

The S/I service can be used to effect :

- Repayment of loans / hire purchase instalments

- Payment of bills / school fees / insurance premiums, etc

- Salary payments

- Inter-account transfer of funds

- Payment of safe deposit box rental

- Inter-account transfer of F/D interest upon auto-renewal (to be manually processed)

- Purchase of cashier's orders (which will be mailed to applicant customer via registered post)

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What is a standing instruction?

A standing instruction is an instruction that remains in effect for an indefinite time. That is, it remains in effect until the office or person who issued the instruction retracts or cancels it.

What is the difference between electronic clearing system and standing instruction?

Actually, ECS works upon standing instruction. So there is no difference between them , A standing instruction can be issued to the bank where a customer holds a account to debit/credit . In ECS you issue a mandate to the bank which debits your account periodically in case of ECS-Debit.

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The instruction phase together with the execution phase is called a "Machine Cycle".

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generally instruction cycle is nothing but the combination of fetching cycle and execution cycle.the process from fetching the instruction from memory till execution of that instruction ,is called instruction cycle. interrupts afftect instruction cycle. :)

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The instruction set is usually called IA-64. This is not to be confused with EM64T, a 64-bit instruction set used in mainstream desktop processors. The answer your looking for is (EPIC)Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing Chicagocubano strikes again

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The multistep process that a CPU follows for each instruction is called the 'Machine Cycle'

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The process of transferring instruction codes from memory location to instruction queue register is called opcode fetch.

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Instruction Set

What is an organism's complete set of genetic instruction called?


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The instruction on chromosomes is called genetic information and is encoded on regions on the chromosome called genes

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Words instruction, statement and command are all used in 'computer language', they are similar but not the exactly the same thing.

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It is called the nucleus. It controls the cellular activities.

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