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Why is it considered more acceptable for men to cheat than women?

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April 18, 2007 7:13PM

Men cheating is NOT more acceptable than for women who cheat in these modern times. Both are wrong! At one time men did cheat more often than women and there wasn't the programs and other places for women to go too for help (if married) and as long as the husband kept bringing the pay checks home and behaved themselves at social gatherings that's all many women use to care about. Now that is no excuse for a woman to stay married to a man that cheats and vice-versa. Over a hundred years ago women in high society had their children with their husbands because it was expected, but after that the women had little interest in sex (sex wasn't as open back then and women weren't suppose to know too much about sex and basically any showing of taking the lead in love-making was frowned upon) so it was accepted that the husband have a mistress and it was simply done discreetly. This also went for Southern plantation owners and it is from the genteel part of society. Today women are more open about sex and realizing they have the right to enjoy sex as well, so women cheating is neck-in-neck with the men.