Why is it that a man will seem to be everywhere that you are and often stares at you but then all of a sudden doesn't come around anymore and seems to turn the opposite way when you walk near him?

Me thinks you have been playing a cutsy little game with this man. All women love attention from the opposite sex, but it sounds like this guy may be shy and you sure haven't made it any easier on him. Women are much more aware of when someone is interested in them then men are. He probably thinks he doesn't stand a chance with you, or, he could have given up any hope of asking you out or even having you as a friend. When in doubt, walk a mile in that person's shoes. The balls in your court! Marcy Maybe, if you approached him and looked aggresive or was a little too persistant (especially if he is a young man), you could have scared him off, and for that reason he may not be interested in you. This is just assuming which can be 99.9% false- the best way to find out is to ask him why he is acting the way he is towards you!But you shouldn't do that if you did what I said in the begining!Just ignore him also and go out of your way not to see him so that he will "want what he can't have" (?). But also consider the fact that no one knows what he is thinking but him and God. There could many reason for his actions..but if you ask me no matter what the reason is -he is not worth chasing- just let him go and stop worrying!