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He may not be getting the same attention from you so he feels his attempts are worthless.

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Q: Why is it that a man will some days look into your eyes and stare and talk to you and other days will walk right past you or totally ignore you?
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What does it mean when people stare at you like on the street etc?

Means nothing. Ignore them. People like to look at other people.

What would an owl do if it see you?

It will stare at you, or ignore you, or eat your cat.

Do guys ignore you when they like you and not talk to you but stare at you in class all the time?

== ==

Why does your crush stare at you but ignore your texts?

He/She might not be ready to accept that they like you.

Why do boys stare at girl then ignore them?

Because they are stalkers in training. So says the Tabby.

When boys stare at you do they like you?

No. They are actually being rude and disrespectful. Ignore a boy who stares.

Do penguins stare?

Yes they do stare. they mostly stare at their food or at other penguins

What does it mean if you and your crush stare right at each other?

yall saw each other at the same time... or yall had a "moment"

Why do boys start to stare at girls then ignore them?

they do that because they do not want to make it obvious that they like u,

What do i do when i like a boy who likes someone else but he stares at you?

you can ethier ignore it,stare back, or flirt

Why does the guy you like sometimes stare at you from the other side of the room and sometimes go near you and stare at you for what seems like forever?

Well, the answer is obvious. He likes you, DUR! If you like him back the opportunity is golden. If you don't like him back, try your best to ignore his crap.

Why does my partner stare and i mean stare at other women when you go out together he doesnt glance he stares?

He has to look at other women, to appreciate how totally beautiful you are :-) But Seriously, make him aware that it bothers you, and point it out to him when he is doing it, and if he doesnt stop, make a point of staring at other men to affirm your point. Ask Yourself - Is it just other women whom he stares at, or does he stare at everybody in curiosity, and you only notice, when it is another women? Good Luck

Why does the picture in the Pokemon mansion stare at you?

if u go in and out of the room a ghost appears in the other room to the right

What do you do if you get shouted at?

don't listen. stare them in the eye and if they carry on just ignore them because you want them to think that you are not scared.

How can you tell that a girl likes you?

a shy girl will ignore you but will stare at you when she thinks you arent looking and will turn away once you look at her.a shy girl will ignore you when you're around other ppl.she'll stare at you when she thinks no one is looking. get it now???a confident girl will look at you but will hold her stare.. she may try to get close to you when an oppurtunity comes. i hope i helped!!!a shy girl will probably not make the first move.a confident girl will probably make the first move.Hope i helped!!!-cupcakz

How can you tell if a guy still likes you?

He will still smile or stare at u.....or he will just ignore u......thats basically how it is!

You are too shy this guy and you stare at each other?

if you stare at himhell think you like him!!

How might a guy respond if a pretty woman walked by while he was with his wife?

smile at her, stare, ignore her turn, whistle, wink

What does it mean when a guy cuddles with a girl?

uhhh hello is anybody awake* it means he is totally flirting on you or he has his stare on a sexy chic duhh, he totally loves you ;-) hehe Sincerly 101

Your wife stares at other guys what do you do?

deal with it, guys stare at other girls more than girls stare at guys

How can you tell if a guy likes you if he has a girlfriend?

I think if a guy likes you who has a girlfriend will most likely ignore his girlfriend when she is with him or talking to him and stare at you go by..He will usually just always stare at you, smile, and will be nervous or awkward around you..He'll just show it with his actions and once he finds out you like him, he'll end the relationship with the other person..

Does the guy still like you if he doesn't go near you anymore but still stares at you for a long time?

Well depending, on which stare he gives you, is it that light stare or that stare where he is kinda acting like what are you looking at or why the heck are you looking at me?! look. If it's that light look, he's totally into you, if not sorry... (:

Why does the guy you like stare at you a few times in class and ignore you when he passes by you and stare at you when you praise a guy and then go to that guy and compare himself with him?

Is he black? If not, he could never compare to others. God help you if he's Asian. Hope this helps.

How do shy guys act when they like a girl?

mostly they try to ignore them when they r nearer to them and stare at them continuously but look away when the girl watch them

What does it mean when you stare at your crush and they stare back and look away?

If he shows other signs that he likes you he probably likes you.