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Honey, obviously either you don't meet up to his standards as far as appearance or the way you acted in person frightened him in some way. It seems to me that you may need to ask someone that actually knows you because you're not going to find the answer here. In other words, stop trying to find what is wrong w/the people you are meeting and look at yourself...If the same scenario has happened w/several people then the only common denominator is YOU.

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Q: Why is it that once you find a guy you like either in person or on the net and do all that you can to get him interested and once he has hooked you he loses interest and hides?
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What is a love interest?

A love interest is a person with whom you are not romantically involved but with whom you'd be interested in becoming romantically involved.

Are the girls more interested as much boys?

Interest is not the right word, its not gender biased. An insecure person will arouse interest of others in you, while a genuinely interested person will make the move. Level of interest also helps in deciphering true intentions. A subtle inclination to know likes or dislike is an attempt to admire the person, while suffocating a person with constantly monitoring the person, then making other say the activities of person to hail or humiliate the person a pure political play.

What is the verb of interest?

I think it is interested because that is still a verb but it's past tense but maybe im wrong because this person has no clue what your talking about... he thinks there is no verb of interest. wait the other person is right

What does it mean to have interests in another person?

Having interests in another person could apply to a few different situations. Someone could take a romantic interest in another which would mean they were interested in pursuing a relationship with that person. Someone could also have interests in regards to someone meaning they are curious about who they are or they would like to learn about something someone has done. Either situation would be considered a general interest in the other person.

Why does cherry valence interest ponyboy?

Ponyboy si interested because she treats him like a person,not a greaser. She doesnt look down on him like the other socs do. She interested in what he has to say.

What interest you about our company?

A person may be interested in a company because of their views on controversial topics. The products the company sells may also interest people who take a job with the company.

What should you do if a guy you kinda have an interest askes you out but you have a bigger interest in someone else?

Well you have to prioritise, either you want to turn this down and potentially lose the chance to ever have it again or you just wait for a chance to have something with the person you're more interested in. It's a choice only you can make.

How are network systems accessed by a computer?

A person must be hooked up to the Internet by a provider like Comcast to access the network systems. Then a person is able to access everything on the world wide web. It is then easy to search anything on the Internet a person is interested in.

Is it possible for a person to be hooked on antibiotics?

Yes it is because antibotics is considered a drug and you can be hooked on drugs

What is it called when your not interested in males of females?

When a person is not sexually attracted to either male or female persons, they are asexual.

What does professional interest category mean?

Professional interest category allows a person to select what he's interested in. Categories can include banking, engineering, human resources, customer service, or information technology.

You fancy some one but another person fancies you and the worst thing yet the person you fancy and the person who fancies you are best friends what do you do?

If you like one of them ask them out as that is the person you are interested in. If you have to be up front with the one that likes you simply tell them you are sorry but you are interested in someone else. You can't make everyone happy all of the time and I realize you may not want to hurt anyone - their friendship will surpass this if they are truly friends. If you find you cannot do either then you will have to avoid both of them and focus your interest elsewhere.

Did she think I am not interested?

If someone is interested in another person, that person cannot possibly realize your interest if you don't show it. Some people will only show subtle signs at first for fear of rejection. Someone who is shy may not be able to show it. However, sometimes if someone is interested in you their face will turn a little red when they see you especially if it's someone who is shy. It totally depends on that person's personality and whether they are shy are outgoing. An outgoing person will most likely make their interest known. I believe that if you are truly interested in someone it's going to show whether you want it to or not. You have to look for signs such as how they interact with you versus how they interact with others in your presence. Not everyone can pick up on reverse psychology. In regards to the other answer I saw shown here, I am not gay but from what I know I believe that many times a gay person will have a little more trouble showing interest if they're not openly gay or if the other person is not openly gay. I think that possibly the reason for that is, not only are they fearing rejection but possible ridicule too. If a person is interested enough, at some point, you will know. If they don't make their interest known to you, they are not interested enough to take the chance.

What interests you about the role in sales?

There are many things that can interest a person about a role in sales. These people may be interested in actively working with people for example.

Why you are interest to wark in morisson?

If this is for a job interview, you should answer yourself, why you are interested to work in Morisson - not why some other person would like to work there.

A guy I've been talking to and seeing for over 2 months now hardly texts me anymore. It gets me so down each day when he doesn't reply.. should I just end it and move on?

Either he is interested in someone else or he has lost interest in you. Confront him in person and ask if he wants to be with you.

What subject matters was Picasso interested in?

Subject matter refers to an area of interest a person has. Picasso's subject matter was art, more specifically painting.

Why do you always lose interest in a girl after just a couple months And they do nothing wrong?

Honestly i think this is a good question. I think the reason why we lose interest in someone is because either you get tired of being with the same person all the time doing the same thing every day, and maybe you want something different. Even when they do nothing wrong you might just not be interested in that person as you were the first few weeks you were together.

What nonverbal tool that can show interest in a person?

The answer is Eye Contact, Eye contact sends the message that you're interested in what the other person has to say

Is person of interest cancelled?

is the tv series person of interest cancelled

What about it when that person is saying he is not interested in you and his eyes doesnt say this so?

Then he is, but he's either afraid to be in a relationship or he just is staying off the market.

What does selfih relationship mean?

A selfish relationship means one of the people in the relationship are selfish (interested only in their desires) and does nothing in the interest of ther other person.

What does it mean when a guy before doesnt look at your breast and now after five months he started to let you see him that he glance them very quickly-is he interested now?

Hard to say since guys will be interested in your breasts but not necessarily in the person attached to them. If you confuse his interest for your body with his honest interest ion you, you will get hurt. I would rely more in what you talk about and how you talk and how much. Think about if apart from the glancing on your breasts if he seems interested or not.

What does it mean if a boy is shy and nervous around you?

Well it can mean a few different things. Either he is just a shy person, he doesnt know how to talk to girls, he might be interested in you,or he knows of someone who is interested in you.

A guy you like ask you for money?

This person is not interested in you this person is a user and is interested in what they can get from you. This person will string you along until they find another person who will they can exploit.