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You name any new dial-up connection as you create it, you can name it "private network" if you'd like.

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Q: Why is it that the Dial-up to private network is not selectable when you try to add a new dial-up connection?
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Can you play Halo 3 on live with dial up?

I joined here just so I could edit this. The last guy who answered obviously had no idea what he was talking about. Xbox Live is possible over dialup. Of course dialup is far from the best internet connection for gaming, but it works. All you need is a PC with both a dialup connection and a high speed network card, and a network cable. Run the network cable from your 360 to your pc, connect to the net via dialup, right click on the dialup connection icon on the bottom right corner of your screen, click "Properties", click "Advanced', and then click "Allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection.", select the appropriate connection, and click OK. Of course, it's dialup. ANd while Xbox Live gameplay is possible, it's very unstable and laggy. But it is possible

How should a dialup connection be established in windows operating systems?

how should a dialup connection be establish in window operating system

Can you download games with dialup on the PlayStation network?

You can not even log into the Playstation Network with dial up and must have broadband DSL or cable for a PS3 to have an internet connection.

When did broadband come out?

When the internet first made its way into private homes it was delivered over a slow dialup connection. In 1996, the speed increased greatly with the introduction of broadband.

Should I turn off the Internet modem every night or should I keep it on all the time?

The I-net modem works with PC Login or Dialup network. If it's through router just disable connection & continue with other work.If Dialup then just swith it off!

Can more than one computer connect to the internet through a dialup connection at the same time?

No. You can not.

What is a cell phone like without 3G?

Internet's slower (dialup speeds depending on what network your on), calls can sound worse and you can't have a data and internet connection open at the same time (ie Danger Hiptop/T-Mobile Sidekick)

Why would the dial-up on your new computer have worked fine for a few days but now restart when you click on the Internet Explorer icon?

Someone told IE to always dial, if it's restarting the dialup connection. In IE, click "tools", "internet options", "connections" tab, and select "dial whenever a network connection is not present.

Do omani people have Internet connection?

There is dialup internet every where in Oman, Broadband (upto 16MB) internet is available in most cities (2009).

How do you dial internet connection without PC suite?

Connect internet without pc suit means you are using mobile devices. You can, but at first you need the USB DRIVER of that mobile you use. After installing the usb driver goto control panel>network>dialup>connect manually.

Dialup Internet: What's the Use?

Dialup internet is one of the most reviled things in today’s online communities. Slow and prone to disconnection, it is the bane of anyone trying to move large files across the network. But is it entirely useless? Not really – there are actually some circumstances in which dialup internet can be a good thing. The first time someone with broadband will recognize the usefulness of dialup internet is when their cable or satellite connection goes down. In certain areas, the cable will lose its internet capability at what seems to be the slightest little wind, and satellites can have a hard time sending signals through thick clouds. It is with a rueful mood that the customer will then realize that their phone is still working perfectly. This can cause desperate searching for an old AOL disk, especially for internet businesspeople who are literally losing money every minute they don’t have a connection. Another time dialup can come in handy is if a person simply doesn’t want to have to pay for cable. Dialup is typically much cheaper. This makes it popular among the young, as well as in all age groups in some less-well-off countries. Some areas simply don’t have access to broadband internet. When it’s dialup or nothing, suddenly dialup starts looking fine enough. To a city-dweller, it may seem that this problem could only affect undeveloped countries, but in fact, there are many rural areas in the United States and Canada with this very situation. Phone lines, however, are almost ubiquitous, making it possible to dial in to the internet from almost anywhere. Dialup internet is also great for those who only use the net occasionally, or for simple tasks like checking email. While internet businesspeople often have large files to deal with and would be driven “right up the wall” if forced to use slow dialup for an extended period, it just doesn’t make sense for occasional users to make the ongoing investment of a cable or satellite connection. For these reasons and more, dialup internet is not truly obsolete. Whether you’re a light internet user or a businessperson who wants a backup connection, having the ability to just dial up a connection comes in handy.

Is there a way to direct fc3 to use ms-chap v2 authentication across a ppp dialup connection?

yes there is a way to direct fc3

What is the difference between adsl and dialup?

ADSL is a broadband or fast internet connection which runs above your telephone line making for much higher broadband speeds and download times are greatly reduced when using ADSL rather than a dialup connection which is typically much slower than ADSL and causes your computer to disconnect when your telephone rings as the connection to the internet is made through and along your telephone line so that you cannot use them both together .

When a user connects to the internet using a dialup connection the user pays more for this call compared to making a regular voice call is it true or false?


Differences between Broudband and dialup?

The internet is one of the most important communication tools available today. For many their first venture on to the internet was through a dialup connection. This type of connection ran through the user's phone connection. It was quite slow. When broadband finally came on the scene users were relieved because it ran a lot faster. it also does not tie up the phone line for a person and allows them to complete whatever task is needed in a reasonable amount of time.

How do you set up PlayStation network?

Have a PS3, PSP, PS2, ect. Go to the settings on the X bar. Have a internet connection via dialup or a modem, or wireless modem. I used wireless modem, so go to network at the bottom of settings, hit custom, choose which type of connection, find everything that it asks you. AT the end of it, it will ask you for a test. Hit yes and if everything succedes, you should be able to get on to the internet. (you may have to reload you ps3 first) Setup a playstation network account via internet or the playstation, because the playstation can get on the internet, right? Yur set!

How can one use mobile Internet on a laptop computer?

One can use mobile internet on a laptop computer by downloading the PdaNET Tethering apparatus, which can turn your smart phone into a modem which allow connection via USB cable and over Bluetooth Dialup Network. With this you dont need to worry about Wifi hotspot.

Does a laptop need dialup dsl or broadband?

If you want to be able to connect to the internet with it, then yes, it will need some sort of internet connection. Dialup, DSL and cable are all viable options, or you could also opt for an "air card" which connects via the cellular network, but that's a bit more spendy. Conversely, you could just look around for some free internet via wifi. Many restaurants and most hotels have free internet access via wifi.

How do you have a wireless and Ethernet connection at the same time?

you dont u have a limit on wireless say 10 megabites once u use that all up you drop down to dialup

How do you connect to the internet through a phone?

For free dialup, you can follow the guide found in the related links.Just remember that dial up is not the fastest type of internet in the world, and free dialup providers may put ads/banners on when you browse the internet.Answer:Go to your phone provider. They can get you an internet connection. You might get free installation.

How can you connect both a PC with a modem and a lan card and laptop with a modem to the internet?

If your laptop has a LAN port, good. If not, you can get a PCMCIA card for LAN for around $10 on eBay. Then, connect your laptop LAN port to your desktop LAN port with a Crossover ethernet cable. Make sure you specify you need a crossover cable at the computer store, they are different from the normal ethernet cables found in most stores. Now dialup to the internet with your desktop. Now you need to go to your dialup connections. In Windows XP, you can do this by going to Start>Connect To>All ConnectionsIt will be different in other versions of windows.Right click on your dialup connection and choose properties. Somewhere in the properties there should be an option to share the dialup connection. Do this. At this point, your laptop should have internet.Good luck!

Does Xbox Live support dialup?


What is the defference between adsl and dialup technology?

Dialup is slow, ADSL is fast

Can sprints 4g run sentence?

You should be able to. I have never used 4g before, but i do know that technically you can run WoW on a dialup connection. not very good (choppy motion, lag).

What are the ways to access Internet like DSLDialup?

Some ways that I know of are the following Dialup DSL Cable Satellite Cell Phone (Via Bluetooth) Wifi Hotspot 3g Network (Cell) Edge Network (Cell) GRPS Network (Cell) Verizion FiOS That is all I can think of right now