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Why is it that the hazard lights work but turn signals do not in a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo?

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Believe it or not, it may be as simple as spraying a little WD40 into the directional (where it enters the steering column). Sometimes the switches get gummed up and don't create a proper ground. Work the lever up and down after spraying it in. This will also work down the flasher switch hole of the flashers have also stopped.

A better alternative to WD40 can be found at NAPA. They sell a "brake and electric motor cleaner" It is non-conductive and does not contain any lubricants (so you don't end up with an oily residue like with WD40)

Reply to AnswerWD-40 is a bit messy. Use Electrical Connection cleaner, which can be found in any auto store. It is designed for this type of task. AnswerYou need to check your fuses. It could be two different fuses. you should have a fuse box inside your car, should be on the drivers side look in your car manual for the right fuse outlet pull it out and check it. If it is blown that is your problem. Reply to AnswerA fuse problem would not allow the hazard lights to function properly. AnswerCheck the Turn signal flasher, this is separate from the Hazard flasher. Reply to AnswerThis is NOT true on this year/make/model of vehicle. This type of combo flasher/hazard switch is extremly rare, but Chevy used it in its 1995-2003 Luminas, Monte Carlos, and Impalas. AnswerIf it is the same as a 2001 Monte Carlo, replace the Hazard switch. It worked for me. My hazard was above the radio. AnswerOn my 1995 Monte. A wire was brock in the switch and the wipers would only work if the turn singnal was on AnswerIts probably a faulty switch. Wiggle your turn signal arm around a bit and see if you get your blinkers back. I replaced my bulbs, flasher, and fuses before finding out I had a faulty switch. Reply to AnswerReplacing the switch is a last resort - the most expensive fix for this problem. AnswerIt can also be that the actual hazard switch is a little corroded. Try wiggling the hazard switch. That made mine work again.. AnswerThe turn signals get their power thought the hazard switch. The $69 switch you need to buy includes both turn & hazard switch in one unit. Its not too hard to replace, but its a pain because you need to remove the air bags. Follow the proper procedure or it will blow on you. Reply to AnswerThe turn signal and flasher are combined in one unit on this vehicle. The "switch" is located on the firewall, underneath your steering column / instrument panel on the right (in the pre-2001 models). Power for both the hazard lights and turn signals are routed through this switch. A faulty switch (they do wear out) typically manifests itself by your hazards working while your turn signals do not (actually, if you flash your hazards for about 5 seconds, your turn signals will typically being to work). The part is about $30 from GM onlne.

If you take the vehicle to a dealership, they'll find nothing wrong with the car unless you tell them specifically that you need this part.

this gentleman is exactly right. that is what happened when I press my emergency flashers my signals would work again. thank you sir.

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