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I had the same problem. Check the spark plugs and the wires. It is probably the wires. When you take the wire off the top of the spark plug look for black marks. If there is excessive coking on the top of the conductor then the proper amount of electricity (and timing) is not getting to your spark plug. This will cause misfiring and allow it to bog down the motor. When you lift off the accelerator it allows the timing to start over and usually works. Also, check the gap in the spark plug. I believe AC Delco plugs come w/ a .060" gap. I recommend staying away from Bosch plugs and wires b/c I'm having the same problem right now w/ mine (for the third time). Good luck!

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2005-09-24 05:55:56
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Q: Why is it that when traveling at speeds of over forty mph the rpms get stuck and you cant accelerate again until you let go of the gas and then press it again and this happens over and over again?
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