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Right click on the picture in web browser and select Save Picture as... to save the picture. If the picture can be saved only as bmp, then the picture is not a jpeg image. If it was ajpeg image, you can specify the target format as either jpeg or bmp.

2007-01-14 08:29:52
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Q: Why is it when you try to save a picture on the internet that you know is a JPEG windows wont let you save it as anything but a bitmap?
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What are the uses of bitmap?

bitmap means that contain pixels in other words-picture

What is bitmap in Photoshop?

A Bitmap is a file you can save pictures as like JPEG or PNG, in photoshop it means save the picture as a bitmap

What is the full from of BMP?

Bitmap Picture

How do you create a slide show with MP3 audio for a digital picture frame?

open it in paint, then save it as a bitmap. open Windows Movie Maker, place the bitmap and the mp3 in your collections, and stretch the image all the way to the end of the mp3.

What program can a bitmap file be opened with?

a bitmap file (.BMP) is a picture file that was created in Microsoft paint

What does bmp mean in computer terms?

Bitmap Picture

Which are the software that can be use to create bitmap image?

You must have PAINT Program on your system. Right? Well then you can easily create Bitmap images there. Simply Save Type should be as Bitmap (.bmp) while saving the picture you created on paint.

What is a bmp file?

it is a 'bitmap' image file used mainly by the windows operating system.

What is a raster graphic?

A raster graphic is a bitmap graphic. Also called a picture element. Stupid

What is the definition of the word bitmap?

Bitmaps are the pixels within a picture. When the picture gets larger, the "bits" get bigger. The more one enlarges a picture, the more distortions one sees in the pictures. The distortions are the bitmaps.

What is WMF?

Windows Metafile Windows Metafile (WMF) is a graphics file format on Microsoft Windows systems, originally designed in the early 1990s. Windows Metafiles are intended to be portable between applications and may contain both vector and bitmap components. In contrast to raster formats such as JPEG and GIF which are used to store bitmap graphics such as photographs, scans and graphics, Windows Metafiles generally are used to store line-art, illustrations and content created in drawing or presentation applications. Most Windows clipart is in the WMF format.

What component of Windows draws and formats the page then sends the alost ready to print page to the printer in bitmap form?


How do you take a snapshot of an internet page?

The key combination is either <alt> <PrintScreen> or <ctrl> <PrintScreen>, I can't remember which, so try both. You should then be able to paste the contents into something like Windows Paint and save it as a bitmap (BMP) file.

How do you put a picture on bebo from an email?

Save the picture to your desktop Go to your bebo 'home' tab Above your profile picture click add photos. Upload the same way as a normal photo *The picture must be in Bitmap, Jpeg or Gif format*

BMP is the extension of what program?

BMP is the three letter file extension for Bitmap images. There are several commen picture and image file formats. Bitmap images or the highest quality and take up more space then other file formats.

How are bitmap graphics formed?

Bitmap graphics consist of pixels.

What are the disadvantages of bitmap graphics?

You can not enlarge bitmap images without losing quality and bitmap images are larger in size then vector.

What is the definition of BMP?

Most images you see on your computer are composed of bitmaps. A bitmap is a map of dots, or bits (hence the name), that looks like a picture as long you are sitting a reasonable distance away from the screen. Common bitmap filetypes include BMP (the raw bitmap format), JPEG, GIF, PICT, PCX, and TIFF. Because bitmap images are made up of a bunch of dots, if you zoom in on a bitmap, it appears to be very blocky. Vector graphics (created in programs such as Freehand, Illustrator, or CorelDraw) can scale larger without getting blocky.

What is BMP?

The BMP file format, sometimes called bitmap or DIB file format (for device-independent bitmap), is an image file format used to store bitmap digital images, especially on Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems. Many graphical user interfaces use bitmaps in their built-in graphics subsystems;[1] for example, the Microsoft Windows and OS/2 platforms' GDI subsystem, where the specific format used is the Windows and OS/2 bitmap file format, usually named with the file extension of .BMP or .DIB (source Wikipedia) or basic metabolic panel (BMP), a group of 8 tests used as a general screening tool. (You probably are looking for the latter lol)

What is a btmp file?

btmp is short for bitmap. Bitmap files are pictures.

How is a bitmap image created?

Bitmap or raster images are created from pixels.

Is GIMP vector or bitmap?

Not sure Vector i think

The component of Windows draws and formats the page and then sends the almost-ready-to-print page to the printer in bitmap form?


Do you save a drawing as a text file?

Save it as a bitmap picture right click on it and select open with select notepad save document as whatever.

What is the method of acquiring digital images besides a scanner?

Through the internet (Ex: Google images), Microsoft Paint, or A camera