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Why is light from a low pressure sodium vapor lamp unpleasant?

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My city invested in changing over street lighting to low sodium pressure only to end up replacing it all a few years later. The problems with low sodium pressure is two fold. Most objectionable is that the light source washes out color distinctions to the point that it is difficult to accurately describe a vehicle's color. The second objection relates to the difficulty of controlling the light output with the usual lens types. The low sodium pressure lights ended up producing annoying light diffusion to residences. The plus side is that this source of lighting is the most economical as the light output is very high.

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Light given of by sodium vapor?

The light given by sodium vapor depends on whether it is a low-pressure or high-pressure lighting system. Low pressure sodium lamps produce a yellow-green light and are less-common today, while high-pressure sodium-halogen produces an orange light. Both types of sodium lighting uses the element sodium, which is heated by a current flow until it becomes luminescent.

How much electricity does it take to light up a street lamp?

Depends on the type of lamp.Mercury vaporHigh Pressure SodiumLow Pressure Sodiumetc.

How will the vapor pressure of pure water compare to an aqueous solution of sodium chloride?

The solution's vapor pressure will be lower.

How many lumens are in a 400 watt mercury vapor light bulb?

A 400 watt Mercury vapor light bulb produces roughly 23,000 lumens. In comparison to a 400 watt metal haloid and or high-pressure sodium, not as good. Metal haliod and high-pressure sodium produces 30,000 lumens.

Which metal vapor is used in street lights?

Sodium (chem symbol = Na) Mercury vapor is also used in street lights. Low pressure sodium vapor street lights are amber/yellow in color, high pressure sodium lights are white and mercury vapor lights glow blueish white.

Who invented the sodium vapor light?

Thomas Edison

How many watts does a Sodium Vapor light bulb have?


Common uses of sodium?

high pressure sodium vapor street lightslow pressure sodium vapor street lights - the odd looking yellow onesNaK coolant in fast neutron fission reactors (sodium potassium eutectic alloy)A practically infinite number of compounds contain sodium

What happens to Vapor pressure of water when mixed with sodium chloride?

your mom happens

Working of sodium-vapor lamp?

It gives yellow light

What does a sodium vapor light bulb cost?

£20 35w £24 55w

Is argon gas a part of a high pressure sodium lamp?

From Wikipedia, high pressure sodium lamps use xenon, whilst low pressure ones use neon with a small amount of argon. See entry for 'sodium vapor lamps'

What is light given off by an electric discharge through sodium vapor?

The electric discharge excit sodium atoms and a light with the wavelength 589,3 nm is emited.

How do sodium-vapor bulbs generate light?

As electric current passes through a sodium-vapor lightbulb, it ionizes the gas mixture. The mixture warms up and the heat cause the sodium to change from a solid to a gas.

What do you call an unpleasant vapor or smell?


The light given off by an electric discharge through sodium vapor is?

an emission spectrum

Light given off by electric discharge through sodium vapor?

an emission spectrum.

Why is the street light yellow not white?

They are yellow because they are sodium lamps, using sodium vapor. They are very efficient in terms of visible light output per watt.

What is the vapor pressure of gasoil?

I wanna know the vapor pressure of both heavy and light gasoil at 40 C. So, it would be appreciated if someone help.

Is sodium chloride volatile?

No, NaCl is not volatile. NaCl lowers vapor pressure of the solution and raises Bpt.

What is another word for an unpleasant smell or vapor?


Vapor pressure gradient?

Vapor pressure is defined as the pressure exerted by a vapor in thermodynamic equilibrium with its condensed phases at a given temperature in a closed system. Vapor pressure is also known as equilibrium vapor pressure.

Why does water have such a low vapor pressure?

Vapor pressure it the pressure exerted by the vapor molecules. Water has a low vapor pressure because of the high amount of energy needed to break the hydrogen bonds.

Is vapor pressure equal to atmoshperic pressure?

Vapor pressure at BP only will be equal to Atmospheric pressure

What is the relationship between vapor pressure external pressure and boiling point?

Vapor pressure is the pressure of vapor in equilibrium with the corresponding liquid phase, that is the pressure needed so that the mass per unit time of liquid that goes into vapor balances that of vapor that goes into liquid. When the external pressure is equal to the vapor pressure then the boiling point is reached (this is because vapor bubbles can resist the external pressure and escape the liquid surface),

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