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Gday mate. I have just repaired a later model vectra with the same problem. it had a dry solder join on the printed circuit of the dash board. you need to remove the instrument cluster and dismantle the cluster this can be tricky if you haven't got experience in this sort of stuff. the fault is in the connection for the ribbon to the circuit board.


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Replace the speedo head assembly. It is a sealed unit, with no servicable parts. If the speedometer is working, then the cable and the speedo drive gears are working. The failure must be inside of the speedo head assembly itself.

Switch ignition OFF, Press and hold button at speedo. After approximately 3 seconds the letters "INSP 0" will appearin the display. Continue holding button at speedo,depress brake and switch on ignition ON. The letters "INSP---" will start flashing in the display to be replaced after approximately 10 seconds with the message "INSPxxxx Km". Release button at speedo and brake pedal and switch off ignition.

Yes and no, the actual odometer and speedo assembly will fit but the the whole VP cluster will not, although it will bolt in the wiring is different and you will fry the dash or under dash wiring.

Check Ignition switch. Does your speedo or tach work? If not it's the ignition switch. The transmission needs 12volts to operate and if the ignition switch is not working right you will not have first gear or overdrive, the suburban will try to take off in second and seems like your tranny is slipping!

If the speedo stops also, it is the speed sensor. If just the odometer, take it to a speedo shop.

Turn ignition to 'accessories' (not 'ignition on'), then press the trip computer button for about a second, and release. The display should flash 'km/h / mph'. Press the 'M' of the hours and minutes clock adjustment, at the left of the display, to select the speedo reading you want.

Hold the speedo reset buton down when tirning on ignition after about 30 seconds it will reset.

Hey Tony==Either manual or electric spedo if this happens the problem in in the speedo and needs to go to the speedo shop. GoodluckJoe

hya i had the same problem with mine one day it was working then while driving it just went off if the speedo is electrics ratha than speedo cable then it is the speedo sensor that bolts into the gearbox it should have a connector up from the sensor cable (blue cable) unclip it from there and unbolt i bought sensor from local scrapyard for £10 and replaced it took 5 min easy job hope this helps

93 tranny is electronic if your speedo isn't working it won't shift into 3 or OD. Your speed sensor is more than likely the problem.

Replace the Distributor, i did this on my 87, and my speedo started working again.

there is no speedo cable so if your speedo isn't working you either have a faulty sending unit or the dash half of it is bad

Your speedo cable is broke and needs to be replaced

Vehicle speed sensor approx £40 fitted.

could be crankshaft sencor or bad contact on connection behind spedo

buy a garmin gps for 69.00 tells you your speed or fix speedo

The logical problem - would be a broken speedo cable. The speedo & odometer are both run from the same cable.

There is no speedo cable on a 96, GM quit using them in 1987. You have a speed sensor, which is located on the top rear of the transmission. It will have a couple wires coming off it in a plug, that run thru the computer, then to the speedo. If your speedo has quit working, has it also set a check engine light? If so, I would recomend replacing the speedo sensor.

All my dashboard lights won't work on my 2000 Holden Vectra. Cigarette lighter, stereo, speedo, heater control lights and gear selection lights are all in the dark. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

speedo connected to gearbox and connected to other end not brken but not working

Switch ignition off, press & hold the button to the left of the speedo while switching ignition on. After 10 seconds the new interval will appear in the display accompanied by a beep. Release the button. Switch ignition off.

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