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The "clicking" is probably your solenoid trying to engage the starter. The problem is most likely a low battery which is strong enough to power the solenoid (hence the clicking), but not strong enough to turn the engine over. Your battery may have been run down (by leaving your lights on, for example), or it may simply be old and need replacing. Usually it's low battery charge or corroded battery terminals. I can also be starter and a number of other problems, but start with the usual suspects. If you can start it with a battery boost/booster cables from another vehicle, start it long enough to take it to an auto parts retailer. They are usually willing to test batteries and charging systems. Find out if it's the battery or if the charging system is not keeping the battery charged. Your battery only STORES electrical energy, and if the alternator can't keep the battery charged there won't be enough energy in the battery when you try to start it, and the starter will just click. On the other hand, sometimes a battery gets old and tired and it won't hold a charge any more... the results are the same, so you have to have the battery tested. UNFORTUNATELY, when an older battery goes completely dead it will often just give up and you could have both alternator AND battery problems. Anyway... have it all tested and you'll know where you are.

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Q: Why is my Car clicking when trying to start?
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Car makes clicking noise when starting?

A car that makes a clicking noise when you are trying to start usually has a bad alternator. If the car clicks just one time when you try to start it, it could be the starter.

Mercury villager makes a clicking sound when trying to start It won't start and its not the starter. I had it checked.?

A clicking sound when you try to start the car is a dead battery. It may be that the alternator is not charging it properly.

Clicking Noise when car is off?

h/lamp & tns relay clicking when car is off & car will not start

A charger on it but you get the same clicking?

i assume on this that you are trying to start car, and just getting clicking sounds even when boosting with a battery charger. if this is correct, then you need to replace starter motor

Why is my Saab hood clicking and not moving?

The car won't start but it is clicking

Car doesn't start clicking noise?

If a car doesn't start and it has a clicking noise, it could be the battery. Another reason it could be is the starter is out.

Why would a car click when trying to jump start it?

The battery voltage is not high enough to start the car. The clicking is the solenoid trying to get enough power to activate the started motor. Try leaving the cables connected longer or try to get a better connection on the cables.

What is the problem when the car makes a clicking sound after it starts?

if clicking during starting, solenoid, but car should not start with a bad solenoid.

Why is harley Davidson engine clicking when trying to start?

Low Battery

Clicking noise when trying to start vehicle?

Maybe flat battery?

What causes clicking from engine?

If clicking while trying to start then might be a bad starter. If clicking while running, then might be valve/lifter noise.

Why is there a clicking noise when trying to start your jeep?

clicking noise when trying to sart engine usually indicates a flat battery.if the battery is not the problem ,the starter motor needs repair.

Clicking sound can be heard when trying to start car but won't turn over?

Dead/disconnected battery or bad starter if it starts intermittently. Probably the battery though.

What if car wont start and your hear clicking sound?

Its the starter or celenoid

What is wrong if your car won't start but makes a clicking noise?

clicking car It's one of two things. Need a naw starter, or dead battery.

What is causing my2003 Ford Taurus makes a clicking noise when trying to start?

it might be your starter.

Can an alternator stop a car from running even with a good battery?

yea to test jump start the car and turn on all electrical stuff light's eta and if the car dies the alternator is dead if car will not start turn then key and listen for a clicking if no clicking nose the starter motor is dead

1971 duster relay is clicking car won't start?

Battery nearly flat?

What is the clicking sound when I try to start car?

low voltage,bad battery or alternator

Car is only making a clicking noise Chrysler?

If the Chrysler is only making a clicking noise and will not start, check the starter. Also check the alternator, and the battery. The starter solenoid is more than likely the reason the car is clicking and not starting.

What does clicking sound when trying to start indicate?

A weak battery. There is not enough voltage to hold the starter solonoid in.

Why would a car make a clicking noise when you try to start it but will start with a jump?

You have a dead cell. You need a new battery

Car won't start loud fast clicking noise?

A loud fast clicking noise is usually indicative of a low battery or a loose cable.

2000 Honda accord when you went to start it this morning it makes a clicking noise coming from the hood the lights flicker and eventually come on but the car dont start and that clicking noise is the?

stater or silanoid

Car will not start clicking when turning the key?

Dead battery or dirty/loose battery connection.