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Dead battery ?

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Q: Why is my Vr6 dash clock dead and the car wont start?
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What does it mean when your car wont start and nothing on the dash works?

This normally means you have a dead battery or a loose or corroded battery connection. Can also be a blown main fuse.

98 Buick LaSabre wont turn over or start dash lights come on?

Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Wire disconnected at top of starter?

Your 2001 ford ranger xlt wont start doesn't have the dummy lights on the dash why wont it come on no power to the windows?

Does your underhood light come on when you open the hood ? If not , it sounds like a dead battery or poor cable connection to the battery

97 Honda civic that wont start sprayed starting fluid and still wont start help me please?

it can be lots of stuff mate... Battery needs charging, dead battery, wires have a problem somwere, fuse of accelerator in the dash blown, even check your fuel level, you need a Honda expert for this...

Why does my dash lights come on when you try to start your truck and it blows the ignition fuse and wont even turn the starter over?

Dead short between ignition switch and starter solenoid trigger wire?

Dash lights wont work on Volvo changed fuse now car wont start?

Do the dash lights come on now that you have put in a new fuse...Does the motor rotate or try to turn over....If not, it sounds like you have a bad ignition switch....

Why wont my truck start it only clicks?

Check your battery, it might be dead.

Why would 1990 Suburban not start no dash lights but headlights work key turns but wont start or even click?

faulty solenoid.on the starter.

What are the symptoms of a dead engine?

The term 'dead engine' is usually meant to refer to an engine that wont start. The symptoms are that the engine does not start, the starter might turn it over, but that is it. No firing, no backfiring, the engine is effectively 'dead.'

Can you jump start a car with a bad alternator?

you can but it wont stay running if the battery is dead

Ford mustang cranks over but wont start?

Sounds like you have a dead battery.

Ignition switch 1996 Honda passport is locked car will not start?

if the battery is dead the switch wont unlock or start

How do you start a Mercedes Benz 190e after battery went dead?

My battery start going weak and went completely dead, now I excange batteries and the car went to a security mode and wont start back, as soon as I open the doors the hazard lights go on and the car wont start, is any procedure to be done thanks Juan

How do you remove the dash of a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan to get access to the Check Engine light bulb?

remove it and it wont start if that light burns out oris removed the eng wont start it shuts down the computer on most new modles

Your car died so you kept tring to start it not realizing that it was out of gas but now that you have gas in it it still wont start?

dead battery?

I have 95 Nissan altiam that wont start the i my head lights brake lights and interor light works but none of my dash lights come on widows don't work and my car wont even start or crank?

there is a short in the relay for the head lights

2005 Honda odyssey wont start just clicks?

It sounds like a dead battery

97 Plymouth voyager dies and wont start unless jumped?

Dead battery and/or alternator.

Why wont my Dodge ram 3500 start after replacing the batteries Wont turn over no noise no clicking nothing Dash lights up lights radio works?

one word. starter..

How do you fix Toyota mark II won't start?

FLIP same thing happen to me today. dash lights turned off and all of a sudden the whole car, now it wont start no lights on the dash not even a crank from the engine. so depressed :(

Why wont my 95 neon start after changing the clutch cable can't even push start it.?

the clutch has to be pushed in to start. there is a switch under the dash probably knocked it out of position. while changing cable.

What is wrong when the yellow steering light comes on dash and the car Volkswagen Passat wont start. How can i fix this. It was driving great this morning. It wont lock either.?

Diagnose your vw for any small faults.

Your car got a little flooded the lights and dash still come on but the engine wont start what does this mean?

Water in the in distributor cap. Replace it.

What wrong with a car when it wont start just make a grinding sound?

The battery is probably dead, you need to get a new one.

Why wont your Oldsmobile silhouette start?

First thing for any automobile - check the battery - may be dead.