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stalling, but not often?

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Q: Why is my car stalling?
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Why is your go cart stalling?

to stall your car

Will stalling damage a car engine?

no, stalling only makes your car stop for a brief moment when shifting geers to fast or not using the clutch correctly

What causes a car to feel like it is stalling for just a fraction of a second?

Generally speaking, a stoppage of gasoline to one of its engine cylinders will cause a car to seem like it's stalling.

What is the use of clutch in car?

so that the driver of a manual car can change gear without stalling

Do you need to engage clutch to use the brake?

To prevent the car from stalling

How do you keep my car from stalling when stepping on the gas from a complete stop?

I do not do anything. You need to have a tune up done on your car.

Why do my Car stalls went sitting still?

if you do have gas in the car then it could be the idle control valve. it stops the engine from stalling when the car is stationary

Why does the car turns off if you are not pushing on the gas?

Check your idle, your idle might be too low so it is stalling your car.

Why is the car stalling when you stop at light?

Well I am assuming that you car has a manual transmission, and it is stalling because you are not pushing in the clutch when you come to a stop. The more likely reason is because your idle is set to low on your car. Your most likely culprit is the carburetor. However if you car is fuel injection I would take it into a mechanic and get their opinion.

Car idles really fast and is stalling when im driving it?

Need to know year and type of car including what motor please.

What does it mean when your car keeps stalling and is hard to turn over and start?

Weak battery or starter.

What is the typical error when the limp home function is activated in a 91 Escort?

Well, what is the car doing? Stalling?

Why does your 93 eagle talon turbo turnoff at a stop?

It's probably stalling, get your car looked at by a professional.

What are the affects of a bad fuel pump?

when you press your gas pedal hard and your car stalling on the high way

What is mean by stalling protection of motors?

My Understanding for stalling protection When the motor is overloaded or the Stalling or locking the rotor overheat generated , due the presence the stalling protection operates.

What are the causes of car stalling?

I just put a new battery and alternator in my car, but when i put it in gear or start slowing down to stop..the car die out. Also the brake light is continely on.

Why is your car stalling when you turn on the heater?

there seems to be a short in the electrical system, i would start by checking the heater switch,

Toyota tercel 95 stalling?

Stalling under what conditions?

When was Max Stalling born?

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What indications does a car do when the fuel filter needs to be changed?

Hard to start, stalling, poor performance. Replace it an you will then know if it was needed.

What does no interior lights and car stalling have in common?

They could be completely unrelated issues. It's also possible that you have a grounding issue.

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Carl Stalling was born on November 10, 1891.

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