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The first possibility is the thermostat didn't work. To find this out, after the engine is warmed up u check the hoses going from the engine to the heater, they should be hot. if they are hot then the next reason would be a cable to the temp on the heater needs to be adjusted or the heater core is plugged inside or out.

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Q: Why is only warm air blowing when heat is on full after putting in a new thermostat?
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Why is your heat blowing out cold air?

Replace Thermostat

The engine is overheating and you have no heat just cold air blowing?

Probably a bad thermostat.

Heater blowing out cold air?

Check the radiator for full coolant. Check the engines water pump and thermostat, as the engine coolant carries heat from the engine into the heater core.

Your 1995 ford E150 quit blowing warm heat?

Flush your radiator coolant and replace thermostat

Radiator keeps blowing water back over heats?

bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

Why is the heat and air system only working on emergency heat?

when running the heat-pump the air blowing from the heat ducts is not hot ( it's to cold for the heat-pump). you have a main furnace and it won't turn on ( is thermostat selected for this source), ( is the power switch for main furnace on ), ( is fuse for this furnace good). If these are good (check thermostat wiring at thermostat, and transformer).

Why is your 1999 F150 blowing cold air when the heat is on?

Low coolant? Defective thermostat? Heat control cable not adjusted properly? Heater core plugged or airbound?

Your heat is blowing cold in your 2002 galant what should you try?

check your water or coolant level If coolant level is ok, replace the thermostat.

How can you tell if the thermostat is going out?

Vehicle takes an excessive time to attain normal operating temperature Heat not HOT with coolant full - thermostat not closing properly Vehicle heats up too soon - No heat with coolant full Coolant boils out of reservoir or top of radiator - thermostat not opening

What kind of thermostat do you buy if you have a heat pump?

A heat pump thermostat.

Your car not blowing air or heat what's wrong?

Car not blowing air or heat

2004 explorer rear heat not blowing?

heat and a/c barley blowing in back?

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