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Why is only warm air blowing when heat is on full after putting in a new thermostat?


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2005-01-08 13:06:26
2005-01-08 13:06:26

The first possibility is the thermostat didn't work. To find this out, after the engine is warmed up u check the hoses going from the engine to the heater, they should be hot. if they are hot then the next reason would be a cable to the temp on the heater needs to be adjusted or the heater core is plugged inside or out.


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Check the radiator for full coolant. Check the engines water pump and thermostat, as the engine coolant carries heat from the engine into the heater core.

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Flush your radiator coolant and replace thermostat

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bad thermostat or bad heat gasket

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when running the heat-pump the air blowing from the heat ducts is not hot ( it's to cold for the heat-pump). you have a main furnace and it won't turn on ( is thermostat selected for this source), ( is the power switch for main furnace on ), ( is fuse for this furnace good). If these are good (check thermostat wiring at thermostat, and transformer).

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