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Why is thePeugeot 306 petrol tank sender unit float arm stiff to move?

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Dont know why it is stiff but 3 others checked were all the same so appears not to be a fault as first thought.

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How do you check the petrol gauge on a 1998 petrol peugeot 306?

Fill up with diesel and see if the gauge still goes up. The sender unit is under the back seat, one to the left under 6" black plastic plug is the fuel pump, the one to the right is the sender unit. Prise the plug out of the floor and unscrew the the sender unit from tank. Once out it can be moved manually while the ignition is on and see the gauge moving. The float arm is stiff and am still truying to work out why as 3 others checked were all the same. To get at the dash gauge remove the steering wheel, instrument shroud and instrument panel, not a lot to see as all printed circuits.

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