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you have a vacuum line disconnected under the hood. The connections is on the drivers side of the motor right below the fuel injector rail.

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Q: Why is the AC stuck in defrost on a 2002 Wrangler TJ?
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Why does heat come out of defrost vent at same time ac is on blowing cold air on 93 wrangler yj?

Your air mix door is stuck, follow the cable from the temp control to the heater/ac unit and see if the flapper is moving, if not the door itself may be stuck or broken and you'll need to get in there and replace it.

How do you repair ac controls on Sebring convertible?

If it's stuck in defrost your battery died and messed up the computer. Disconnect battery for 5 or more min. My 96 cooled and heated ok but was stuck in defrost

Can the ac be defeated in defrost on a 2002 tacoma?

Yes, pull the A/C fuse or disconnect the compressor.

97 jeep wrangler that the ac is blowing out the defrost vent but not the regular ac vent how can this be fixed?

Check for a vacuum leak either under the hood or under the dashCheck the vacuum actuators under the dashCheck the selector control Defrost is the default for this system

Why does the AC blow out of floor and defrost but not dash on an 1989 Chrysler New Yorker?

Sounds like a stuck blend door.

AC fan is blowing cold air out of windshield defrost when not on defrost?

does fan door motorized or on a vaccuum line when you switch from AC to defrost?

Why ac blowing out defrost vent only dodge 1998 ram 1500?

The AC on a 1998 Dodge Ram 1998 will only be blowing out the defrost vent if the air handler is not set properly. This can result from a piece of debris getting stuck or a faulty flap.

Is it normal for ac compressor to come on and go off with the heater on on 2002 dodge ram?

Yes, it will run when in defrost or mix.

Should ac compressor stay on when heater control moved to defrost in a 2000 durango?

Yes, the ac will run in the defrost position to dry the windshield.

Why would the ac be leaking under the passenger seat in 2002 wrangler and how can you fix it?

the ac drain is stopped up locate under hood on passenger side on fire wall

Why won't your 2003 Jeep Wrangler Sport's AC blower not change from defrost no matter what you have it on?

Check for a vacuum leak either under hood or under dash Check the operation of the vacuum actuators under dash Check the operation of the selector switch Defrost is the default settting for this system

Why does the car turn off when the defrost is on?

If it has AC assist and the compressor is shot, cut the belt or disconnect the defrost from the compressor.

1995 F250 AC comes out of the defrost?

the problem is when the baffles move from heat to ac and vent to defrost they either get stuck or the controllerr is bo. this system is built to fail safe in the defrost mode. Thus ac comes from Defrost vents. Apparently it is wide spred with Ford and Chev. As it is in my 2001 Ford F-350, My opinion To much Matel Toy company plastic and cheep parts we pay considerable money for from the dealers. 1) check your controller at the dash probably vacume 2) check the acutator at the butterfly flapper. Some vehicles are easier than others.....

Why does the AC Heater NOT blowing out the vent on a 2004 Sebring?

If it's stuck in defrost your battery died and messed up the computer. Disconnect battery for 5 or more min. It worked on my 96

Are there more than one resister in a 2002 jeep wrangler ac and heater blower?

No. The ac and heater fan only has one resistor. The control switch is also failure prone on that vehicle.

2008chevyimpala ac still clicks after it gets turned off?

Did you happen to move it to Defrost when you turned it off? The ac compressor also runs in the defrost cycle to keep the seals lubricated during the winter months when the ac is not used.

Why does the AC sysmbol light come on when the heat is turned on and set to defrost-vent and will not turn off even when shut off button is hit?

DO NOT FEAR THIS !!! The ac comes on with the defrost: because do you ever use your ac in the winter? me neither. Manufactures have made the ac come on with the defrost to prevent the ac compressor from seizing up. Since we never use them in winter, at least in cold climates. Cheers and drive on.

Why does ac air blow only out defrost on 97 lesabre?

you have to trick the ac computer by shuting it off then restarting it...

Why does ac and heater on 2000 f350 blow air through defrost when another position is selected ac clutch clicks and air still only blows through defrost?

You have vacuum line leaks somewhere.

What is wrong with your 2002 Ford Explorer to make a noise when you turn on the fan for your ac?

Broken fins in the fan or a bad compressor. Or leaves and sticks stuck touching your fan for the ac side (assuming you have a separate fan for ac which you might not).

Can you damage the heating and AC on the car by running both at the same time?

No, especially since the AC is used when you defrost the windows.

Why does your ac automatically come on when you push it to defrost?

The ac system also removes humidity which helps clear the window faster.


It sounds like your air flow diverter is stuck on defrost. Basically it is a little door that diverts the air fom vent to defrost to feet. It could be either the heater control valve, or te temperature selecter cable is broke.

Where is the ac defrost relay located on a 97 ford escort?

There is no A/C defrost relay. The defrost mode of the heating and air coditioning is a default mode whenever the system is not operating as it should. It automatically goes to defrost mode when the system is not operating as it should.

Which ac coolant is used in 2000 Jeep Wrangler?