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Following the French and Indian War (7 Years War in Europe) Great Britain's economy was in trouble. The cost of the war, both in Europe and America, added to the economic troubles facing Great Britain at that time. Increasing taxes in Great Britain was out of the question because taxes were already very high. The British were among the most heavily taxed citizens at the time. The Parliament and the British Prime Ministers felt that the American colonists should at least pay their share of the war. The British had defeated the French and the western lands and Canada were now open to expansion and settlement, without the fear of French attack. Thus, the Parliament of Great Britain began a series of taxation measures which the American colonists found objectionable. The argument by the colonists was that the Parliament could not levy internal taxes on the Americans because the colonists had no representation in Parliament. The Parliament countered that argument by claiming that the Parliament represented all British subjects, regardless of where they lived or if they elected members to Parliament. The economic crisis would lead to strained relations between the colonies and the Mother Country.

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Q: Why is the French and Indian War known as a war that caused the American Revolution?
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In what sense was the French Revolution tied to the American Revolution?

ok i don't know why everyone calls the french and Indian war the french revolution cause there was a french revolution but the french revolution is differ from American revolution and french and Indian war was fought in new franceand the colonist moved there wanted freedom caused a war and french helped them defeat british

What Revolution caused the French Revolution?

American Revolution.

How did the french and Indian war affect South Carolina?

it caused a higher indigo trade and helped spur on the American revolution

What is one way that American Revolution contribute to the start of the French Revolution?

the cost of supporting the american revolution caused the french king to propose tax increases

What is one way that the American revolution contributed to the start of the french revolution?

the cost of supporting the american revolution caused the french king to propose tax increases

What famous future american caused the french and indian war?

Future American president George Washington's actions contributed to the outbreak of the French and Indian War.

How did the American revolution infuence the french revolution?

It didn't. The only real link is the fact that much of the money problems that caused the French to rebel was caused by the American's failure to repay debts owed.

What did lord acton believed caused the french revolution?

he believed the American declaring Independence was a good thing for french revolution

How was the French and Indian War one of the cause of the American revolution?

The French and Indian war put the British Empire into debt which caused the Britich to raise taxes on all of their colonists. The Americans resented this and so began to rebel.

Both the American revolution of 1776 and the french revolution of 1789 were partially caused by?

unfair taxes

The American Revolution of 1776 and the French Revolution of 1789 were partially caused by?


How did the American and french revolution affect the colonists in the Americans?

The American's gained their freedom in the 1775-1783 American Revolution. America was a country by the time of the 1789-1799 French Revolution and did absolutely nothing for the war effort, despite the fact that one of the major causes was bankruptcy caused by partitcipation in the American Revolution.

What battle caused the French to enter the American revolution on the side of the colonists?

the battle of Saratoga

How did the French and Indian War affect economics?

The French and Indian war put the British in a huge debt, which eventually caused them to tax the American colonies.

What are the differences between American french glorious revolution?

The American revolution was a war caused by evolution of thought. The French revolution was a bloody revolution in every sense of the word and went through all the stages. The Glorious Revolution was bloodless and a the daughter of the king and her husband were put in his place.

What caused the American colonies to separate from great Britain?

The French and Indian War and its aftermath.

What is the link between the French and American Revolutions?

The French economic crisis was exacerbated by the enormous war debt that the French assistance to the United States caused during the American Revolution.

What did Lord Acton believe caused the french revolution?

he believed the american declaring independence was the cause.

What caused the people in France to face debt during the French Revolution?

Much debt had built up in the French and Indian War and France had also spent money lavishly in support of the American Revolution. However the long term debt had begun during the reign of King Louis XIV.

Long term effects of the Boston tea party?

it caused the American revolution and balance loss in Indian Tea Trade

How did the french and indian war lead the american revolution?

The taxes that caused most of the early acts of rebellion came about to pay for the war that protected English colonists and the soldiers that would have to be stationed to contiue to protect colonists.

Why was the battle of Yorktown caused by the American Revolution?

The Battle of Yorktown was not caused by the American Revolution. It was a part of the war and happened to be the final battle.

What caused the French and Indian War and how did it affect North America?

The French & Indian Was was the expansion of the British - French fight for supremacy onto North American soil. Both sides worked to attract the many Indian tribes to their side, although the white colonists in North America heavily favored the British. The war affected North America because the British defeated the French in the New World, thereby setting the stage for the British vs colonist American Revolution.

What circumstance lead to the French revolution?

The French revolution was caused by inequality between the first, second, and third estate, increased poverty among the peasants after the wasteful spending of Louis XIV, and rumors of the successful American revolution that spread to France.

What war caused enlightenment?

The french revolution