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i dunno but mine is the same in my mk5 1.3 you get used to it after a while makes it easier to spin the wheels though lol

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What is a biting point?

A biting point is the point at which the clutch engages in a car when the pedal is released.

What is point of reference?

A Point of reference or reference point or it can also be Frame of Reference is a Point which other things can be compared or reffered. It must be in a fixed point. :)

Does water have a high boiling point?

Water has a boiling point of 100 degrees celcius. This is about average compared to the boiling point of other substances.

What is line segment RA?

with no other details I can only explain it as the distance between point R and point A. More details are needed if you want that distance when compared with other points.

Why does beryllium have high melting point and boiling point compared to other alkaline earth metals?

becaus it has a extreemly stable set of valence electrons

Lead melting point?

Lead melts at 621.5 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the high temperature, this is actually a low melting point when compared to other elements,

When biting point is known can you release the clutch quickly up to this point?

Possibly, but it is better to do most things slowly and smoothly when driving.

Why does water have an extremely high melting point compared to other compounds of similar molar mass?

Water can hydrogen bond.

Britain the most powerful allie?

From a military point of view, Britain is the closest ally to the United States. It is not powerful when compared to the United States itself, but when compared to most other allies Britain is powerful.

What is a 9.9 GPA on a 12 point scale compared to a 4 point scale?


How is motion and reference point compared?

You can determine if an object is in MOTION by focusing on the REFERENCE POINT(:

Why boiling point of ethyl alcohol is higher as compared to dimethyl ether?

The presence of strong hydrogen bonding in ethyl alcohol (when compared to that of dimethylether) increases its boiling point.

What is the freezing point of bartenura moscato?

it will freeze at 30 Fahrenheit, since the alcohol is relatively low compared to other wines. just 6%.

How is the freezing point of stearic acid compared to the freezing point of water?

Because water evapurates

What are three areas in which Antarctica is unique compared to any other point on your earth?

Antarctica is higher, drier, colder, windier, darker and icier than any other continent on earth.

What is block or point by point style in writing?

Both are used in comparison and contrast essays. Block involves describing one thing being compared/or contrasted, then describing the other thing being compared/contrasted. Point by point involves talking about the two items in regards for specific characteristics one point at a time. For example, you might discuss the size of object a and object b. Then you might move on to the color of object a and object b.

Why does ice have a high melting point compared to other substances?

Hydrogen bonding between molecules, and bonding angle (H-O-H) of 105o

What is the point of history?

nothing, it gives me so much work compared to other teachers

What is the meaning of reference point?

which another thing is being compared with

A position describes an objects location compared to?

A reference point.

When you lifted the can what did you find out about the amount of water in the can at this point as compared to the starting point?

The can only had a little of water left!

How does a shark protects itself?

sharks protect themselves by thrashing around and biting their assumed attackers which by this point they have became the prey

Why is water best in radiators?

This is because water has a high boiling point, which means, it boils faster as compared to other liquids/fluids and therefore radiator faster.

Does aluminum have a high or low boiling point?

High and low are comparative terms. It is high compared to Helium, low compared to Tungsten

Compared with ionic compounds molecular compounds have what?

a lower melting point

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