Why is the check engine light blinking in your 1999 Mercury Courgar Already change 2 sensors?

Maybe the sensors you changed out were not the problem. Post what the symptoms were, what the codes were, and why you changed out what sensors you did. Sometimes errantly the wrong part is diagnosed as being defective, like having low fuel pressure and people spend $500 for fuel injectors when in reality it was a clogged fuel filter for $10 Some cars take a few starting cycles or cycles of driving before they reset the check engine light. If you had someone read your codes, normally they have the ability to turn off the check engine light. If you replaced the incorrect part(s) then your check engine light will remin on until the part casuing the fault is replaced. I hope the parts you replaced were the problem and it's just a matter of havign the check engine light turned off. If not, repost and maybe we can direct you. Todays' engines are not like ones of old where you can throw parts at it and "feel" you got it fixed. It's either fixed right or the check engine light is there to remind you it isn't.