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Why is the color red so impo rtant?

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It signifies power and strength, alarm, life and love.

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Why are danger signals in red color?

Color frequency of red color is higher than any other color. so it can be recognized from long distance, so danger signals are in red color

Does a hummingbird like the color red?

Hummingbirds love the color red becaus it is so bright, so YES! :)

Why is a apple red in color?

Because apple reflects Red color and absorbs remaining colors. So Apple seems Red in color.

Is color red represent a color of a friendship?

No, red is for anger not friendship. In addition: Red is also the color of love. That is why red is used so much for Valentine's Day.

What is the best red hair dye?

If you're looking for a semi-permanent punky, fire engine red color, PRAVANA ChromaSilk Vivids- RED is excellent. If you're more interested in a regular permanent red color, try So Color So Red by Matrix.

Is the color crimson a lucky color in chinese culture?

yes, well red, but red is crimson, so yes

Is Canada's national color red?

Canada's national colors are red and white so Canada's national color is red as well as white

Why is red so cool?

It is a power color.

What color combination make the color red and violet?

Well red is a base color, so nothing is combined to create it. Violet, which is close to purple, is a combination of red and blue.

Is pink a cool color or a warm color?

Pink is at the red end of the color spectrum, so it is a warm color.

What color symbolizes love?

Roses are red and so are hearts which is why the color red is linked to love. It is linked to passion as well.

Is the color yellow are primary color?

yes and so is red and blue :P but in science the colors are red blue and green

What is the color of Antares?

yo dummy it is a red super giant so it is red

Is raspberry a cool color or a warm color?

It is a shade of red or pink, so it is therefore a warm color.

What color are pomegranates?

Blood red. They are SO good!!

Red blue and white make what color?

red + blue = purple add white to any color and you get a lighter version of the same color. so pastel purple

What is the color of scheat star?

It is a red giant. so obviously it is red. hahaha loser..

What color is the star auva?

It's a red giant, so I guess it is red or orange.

What is color blind?

It's when you're blind to color. So if there is a red color on the wall, then it might actually be pink.

What Demi Lovato's favoriet color?

her favoret color is red to be sure and i like that color two so what now

What color will you have if you mix green and red?

Red is a primary color and green is a secondary color made from mixing the other two primary colors, yellow and blue. So mixing red and green will make a brown.

Color of oxygenated blood?

Oxygenated blood color is Red so when you bleed it is red because it is oxygenated.In your body unoxygenated its purplish-blue.

What color make scarlet?

Scarlet is a shade of red. Red is a primary color, so you cannot "make" it like you can green, purple, or orange.

Is pink a cold color or a warm color?

It is a warm color because white and red are mixed together to make pink, and red is a warm color and white is not warm or cool. So therefore pink is a warm color!

What is orange and red mixed together?

it wil give a color in between orange and red, so it will be a warm red.