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there are several things that could cause this issue.. 1st being a bad door pin switch.. another that I have seen is aftermarket alarms cause this condition.

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Q: Why is the door ajar wire staying on 06 Toyota tacoma?
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Door panel on 1996 Toyota Tacoma?

The door panel on a 1996 Toyota Tacoma is held in place by several screws on the inside of the door. When these are removed, the panel can be lifted off.

How do get door open light to shut off on your Ford F250SD?

the door ajar light is staying on all the time

How do you disable the door ajar switch on a 98 expedition?

I had a problem with my door ajar switch staying on in a 98 EXPO and when I took it to the dealer they just sprayed W-D 40 in the locking mechanism for the door. I guess there is a senso in there that turns the door ajar light on and the w-d 40 makes it get contact.

Where is door ajar switch on 97 expedition?

the door ajar switch is Incorporated into each door latch if you have a problem with the door ajar light staying on along with the interior and running board lights spray each latch including the back glass and door latches and open and close each door several times this should fix the problem good luck

How can a door be ajar?

Ajar is the term for a door that is slightly open.

Why does the 1994 Toyota Tercel door ajar light stays on all the time?

Because one of your door sensors are broken.

What size speckers are in 99 Toyota Tacoma?

6.5" round door speakers

What size of door speakers does a 2000 Toyota tacoma use?

6.5 inch

What is the first year Toyota tacoma pickups were made 4 door?


What is a door ajar warning?

The "Door Ajar" warning means your door is not shut all the way.

How do you replace a exterior front door handle on a 1999 Toyota corolla le?

how to replace a exterior front door handle on a 1999 toyota tacoma

When did the Toyota Tacoma begin producing 4 door models?

2001 was the first year for the 4 door model.

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