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Could be a leaking oil pressure sensor. High pressure sensor is located on the housing above the oil filter and the low pressure sensor is located on the driver side of the engine block. If you see oil leaking around either sensor then this may be the problem. They are not difficult or expensive to replace as they simply bolt on and can be purchased at your local dealer for around $10. Your low pressure sensor could be faulty. There is a high pressure sensor and a low pressure sensor on your car. After driving, heat and movement of oil throughout the engine are the cause. However, the sensor could be faulty thus reading the low pressure being too low (like at low rpms and you have to gear down on a manual to get the rpms up and the light disappears). Shouldn't cost more than 80 bucks to have a mechanic replace it. Just make sure they know which is the LOW pressure sensor.

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Q: Why is the oil warning light keeps coming on after driving several hours on your 1994 VW Golf CL?
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