Why is the sugar content of cooked hot starches like potato higher than when it is cooled off?

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because when you mix the sugar it will burn the potato
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Why do typical American products sold in Southeast Asia have higher sugar content?

Do they have higher content? It seems difficult to determine thesugar content of US products as they are not given on thelabels. USA products do not have high sugar content because there are highimport tariffs on sugar in the USA. As a result more companies usecorn syrup in the USA as opposed to su ( Full Answer )

Is the fat content in a pecan higher than most nuts?

No. Almost all nuts are extremely high in fat, and pecans are no different. Pecans do have a very low amount of saturated fat relative to monounsaturated fat though. Deriving a portion of your daily fats from nuts such as pecans is likely a smart choice.

Why does hot water cool faster than cool water?

I doesn't cool faster. but if you can prove me wrong which you problly can it would be because of the room tepiture of temp. around like in the air. hot water is made its is really cold water a higher tempiture. so when hot water is left out with nothing to control its tempiture. so than that is why ( Full Answer )

What is potato starch?

Potato starch is made through an extensive process of washing, sometimes cooking, and then separating the starch present in potato cell walls so that it can be made into powdered or liquid form. In cooking, potato starch is often considered a substitute thickener for cornstarch or white flour. Howev ( Full Answer )

Is a potato a starch?

Yes, potatoes are a starch and not a vegetable as many people think, it is a common thought that they are vegetables because they do not have seeds and are not fruits, but they are classified as a starch as well as corn, which can also be classified as a grain.

Does sugar water effect your blood sugar higher than plain sugar?

The dissolution of sugar into water doesn't take away the sugar content at all nor does it increase the amount of blood sugar in the body as opposed to plain sugar. Blood sugar is effected by sugar and the addition of water doesn't have anything to do with it.

Does dark rum have a higher sugar content than light or white rum?

COPIED FROM THE LINK BELWO:. The color of a liquor is determined by various dissolved substances depending on the type of liquor. Sugar itself is colorless in solution so there is no relation between the color and the sugar content. Most liquors (e.g. vodka, gin, whisky, rum) have little to no su ( Full Answer )

How long do you cook more than 1 potato in the oven?

No matter how many potatoes you bake - set the oven at 350 degrees and bake them for one hour. Larger potatoes may take longer. Always prick, pierce or cut a potato before baking as they can explode and make a mess of the oven, if the skin is unbroken and the steam cannot escape.

Why is starch a better source of energy than sugar?

beause sugar lets out a fast release of energy only for a short length of time but starchy foods release a slow amount of energy to keep you going without eating for longer.

Why do plants store carbohydrates as starch rather than sugar?

The most important reason plants store the sugar as starch ratherthan glucose is because starch is insoluble in water, meaning itwon't dissolve spread out in the water that makes up a largeportion of the plant's structure. Glucose is soluble, meaning itwill. A more efficient than required reason is ( Full Answer )

Why is starch better for us than sugar?

Starch breaks down entirely to the simple sugar glucose. Glucose is the single main energy source of the brain and the muscles. It is easily digested and absorbed,, and it is the sole focus of feedback in the production of insulin; other simple sugars, including fructose, do not play into this feedb ( Full Answer )

Do women have a higher body water content than men?

No, typically men have a higher water content than women. As far as I can find with research. It's not a blanket rule though, we all have a balance of male/female hormones, typically more female in females and male in males so i guess it's to do with physical things like muscles & blood!

Why does the potato plant store starch and not sugar?

The potato does not store sugar because there is no sugar in it. The plant has starch in it which is then turned into "sugar" when it is eaten and digested. -when starch is digested, it turns to glucose. The organelle holding the startch grains are called leucoplasts.

Does topsoil have a higher humus content than subsoil?

Yes , topsoil has a higher humus content than subsoil. It tends to be the layer of the soil food web where above and below ground organisms such as bacteria, beetles, and earthworms live and die. The death and the resulting decay of these organisms contribute to the build up of organic matter. Anoth ( Full Answer )

Are potatoes a starch?

Yes . Potatoes are a starch most of their anatomy is comprised of starch. It is also a major starch you need in your body. The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial Solanum tuberosum of the Solanaceaefamily (also known as the nightshades). The word potato may refer to the p ( Full Answer )

Is a raw potato better for you nutritionally than a cooked potato?

Only somewhat. Potatoes are (perhaps surprisingly) a good source of Vitamin C, the vitamin usually identified with citrus fruits, like oranges. Vitamin C can be destroyed by a combination of of heat and oxygen.. A potato baked in its skin contains about 20 mg of Vitamin C per 100 grams (3.5 ounces) ( Full Answer )

Do potatoes have starch?

The potato is best known for its carbohydrate content ( a medium sized potato contains 26 grams of carbohydrates.) The predominant form of carbohydrate in a potato is starch. So the answer to your question is: Yes, Potatoes have starch.

How can run-off be higher than precipitation?

Run-off is all the water running along the ground in an area. It can include not just precipitation, but also snowmelt, water from an underground spring and precipitation from a long way away. The latter three sources can be as in a river.

Does wine have higher alcohol content than beer?

Simple answer, yes. One serving of wine (4 oz) one serving of beer (8 oz) and one serving of liquor (1 oz) all have just about the same ability to get you drunk, and most people can metabolize about 1 drink (serving) per hour. However, there are many varieties of each and some may throw off the cur ( Full Answer )

Does whiskey have a higher sugar content than beer?

No. Beer contains residual sugars from the fermentation process (turning sugar into alcohol) Being distilled, whiskey has basically no sugar content (only water, alcohol and the flavor compounds) Whiskey is distilled form wort (basically a beer without hops). Any sugars in the wort remain in ( Full Answer )

What are the contents of starch?

Plants store glucose as the polysaccharide starch. The cereal grains (wheat, rice, corn, oats, barley) as well as tubers such as potatoes are rich in starch. Starch can be separated into two fractions-- amylose and amylopectin . Natural starches are mixtures of amylose (10-20%) and amylopectin (80 ( Full Answer )

Do sugar and starch in a potato have potential energy?

YES! Sugar, for example, is such a high energy source, especially for use in the human body. Having a chemical formula consisting of six carbons, twelve hydrogens, and six oxygens, glucose has high potential energy stored in its bonds. The bonds that house this energy are those between carbon and hy ( Full Answer )

Why does starch take longer to digest than sugar?

Both starch and sugars you eat are made up of monosachharides ( Monosugars). The sugars you eat is usually made of two molecules of monosachharides. Starch is made up of thousands of monosachharides. So, naturally starch takes longer time to digest.

Is sweating more likely to occur on hot days than on cool days?

Sweating is your body's natural reaction to heat, so it really depends on what kind of climate you are in. If it is extremely hot outside, but you are in an air-conditioned home, then you aren't that likely to sweat. However, if you are in a heated home on a cold day, then you may sweat.

What happens to dissolved sugar when the hot water cools?

After the water cools the sugar will remain dissolved, although once all of the water is evaporated then the sugar will be left at the bottom of the glass. It's pretty fun to try with a clear glass or something. P.S. Sugar will dissolve in cold water too, it just takes more stirring.

Why does the outside of a potato cook faster than the inside?

Because, the outside is a THIN layer of \\"skin\\" that after cooked can peel away from the much THICKER \\"meat\\" of the potato. Also because, the inside is well... inside of the potato, stored away from the heat while the outside heats up first.

Why visible light can't cook food like microwaves and Doesn't the visible light have higher energy than microwaves?

Well, light has to be concentrated to be hot enough to cook food, kinda like using a magnifying glass to burn stuff, even though normal sunlight can't do it alone. A2 . And don't forget that microwave ovens typically have a power of about 1kW. A 1kW infrared lamp will heat up food pretty fast. ( Full Answer )

How do you cool hot sugar solutions instantly?

Pour the hot solution into a new cold pan or pyrex bowl, dunk into iced water for as long as required. (Not quite "instant", but it's as close as possible).

What is the cooking utensil that you place hot trays on it to cool it?

One thing which you could use is a 'wooden triangle' which does not burn the work surface - yet it cools the tray down. You asked what it is. It is not a cooking utensil at all. It's called a trivet (three feet (pegs), another is a cooling rack like those used for cooling baked goods. There is al ( Full Answer )

What does starch do in potatoes?

potato is full with carbohydrates like all starches. for example, 1 large potato (299g) has 63 gram of carbs.

Does hot oil cool faster than hot water?

Actually i believe that hot oil cools faster than hot water because to cool down water you first have to emmm..... i think you have to condense it i think HOPE IT HELPS IF IT DOESN'T PLS DON'T HATE ME OR CURSE :)

Why spirits have higher alcohol content than wines?

The difference in alcohol volume between Wine and Spirits comes from the methods used to produce the two products. Both start out as water and some form of sugar. In wine this is grape juice which is made up of water, glucose, fructose and numerous other compounds. For spirits it could be as simple ( Full Answer )