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Why is there cold air coming out of the heater no matter where you place the Temp control?


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you need a new control unit.

That is not always true. Check your codes on your control unit by pressing the Off button and floor bottom at the same time. Thsi will bring up your code or codes if any thing is wrong. (It takes about 30 seconds). Its sounds like your plenum door is stuck or the motor that controls it is faulty. Codes are 24 and 25. The next step would be to replace the plenum motor that controls the plenum door. Sorry to say this but its located under the dash which needs to be removed. Its about a 4 hour job for a novice and you will need instructions. Wish I could be more help. Check this out


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Remove the center console remove the floor vent remove the heater core cover the heater core is right under the climate control unit remove the two screws that hold the heater core in place, open the hood and remove the heater hose from the heater core lines, now go inside and pull out the old heater core you don't have to remove the whole dash just the front of it

I need to know how to place the two hoses from the heater core to engine it's two pip's coming from the engine upper and lower from the core right and left can you match these too for me please.

There are several types but generally the best are either the in-line heater hose style or the freeze plug style. If you use the in-line heater hose style, just cut the heater hose, put the block heater in place then make sure the heater control is left on at night. If you use the freeze plug style you'll need to remove an existing freeze plug and put the block heater in it's place. The magnetic style block heaters are not recommended. They seem like a good idea but they're more trouble than they're worth.

Also, It doesn't matter if it is on defrost, heat, vent or whatever. It never overheats until you turn the thermostat control to hot. Then the gauge goes up. You turn it back to cold and it goes back down. I checked the heater core and thermostat. Any ideas? Thats a strange one. Heater settings should not make a difference in the operating temperature of the engine unless some kind of electrical malfunction is preventing the radiator cooling fan from coming on when the temp is set to hot. Check to see that the fan is running when the heat is on and maybe you will have a place to start troubleshooting the problem.

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how do u re-place a heater core for a 1984 Lincoln town car

Unless there is something unusual about your specific model, the only place you would have coolant inside the passenger cab is in the heater core. The quickest check would be to connect the two heater hoses together inside the enngine compartment to bypass the heater core all together. If the leak stops you need to replace or repair the heater core.

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Place a white towel on the floor of the car if when you press it down on there and the liquid is green its coolant leaking into your car it could be coming from a hose or your heater core

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Heater-A/C Control LightingSince I am not familiar with your 2003 Silverado, the following generic answer usually will apply to almost all vehicles. The heater-A/C control is back lighted by one or two small lamps [bulbs] mounted in a lamp-holder(s) inserted into the rear of the control assembly.Normally, the holders insert into a hole, and are locked in place by turning 1/4 turn to the right [clockwise], and removed by turning 1/4 turn counterclockwise.Depending on the amount of room behind the dash, and around the heater-A/C control assembly, you may be able to remove the holder [s] by reaching up behind the dash.If there is not room for you to work, then you will have to remove the assembly from the dash panel to access the lamp-holder(s).

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Could be one of two things. It could be the head/control unit. Or, more probably, the fan resistor has gone bad. Look under the dash on the passenger side. Remove the sound insulator if it is there. Look at the heater box. You should see a rectangular flat flange with either a connector (4 pin, I think) or 4 heavty guage wires coming out of it. It is held in place by 2 screws. Remove and replace.

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The block heater ( if equipped ) is a heating element installed in place of a freeze plug.

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