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The relay will be in "The Black Box" in the engine compartment.
Generally located on the drivers side. An usally has markings on it to indicate what is what on the inside. Good Luck and Remember.
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Check the switch on turn signal stalk - do they work when you pull back on stalk? Check relay in power distribution box

The brake lights in your 1983 Nissan pickup truck are controlled by the brake light relay switch. When the brake light relay switch malfunctions the brake lights will stop working.

Check to see if the dash lights dim or if the tail lights come on when the light switch is turned on. If these other lights work then check for a headlight relay. Most likely causes are either the switch or the relay.

The exterior lights do not have a relay. They are directly turned on by the headlight switch.

A malfunctioning brake light and flasher relay switch will cause the brake lights and flashers to stop working. The relay switch can be found below the dashboard on the drivers side of the passenger compartment.

First check the fuse, then the bulbs, then the flasher relay, then the signal switch.

Bad switch, bad relay, short to ground in the circuit.

There is no relay. The voltage comes from the fuse box directly to the headlight switch.

possibly the fuse for brake lights......also could be brake light switch----turn signal switch----broken wiring anywhere in the vehicle---relay not working ---any other item specific to your venicle.

Check the fuse, and the Turn Signal Flasher Relay. The hazzard lights have a separate relay.

If the warning lights will not turn off it could be the on and off switch. It could also be the relay switch.

could be the fuse, but the sunroof relay is above the sunroof switch attached to the motor, the relay is a possible answer to the sunroof not working.

First check the fuse if none of the lights even come on. If the lights come on but do not flash then the flasher relay is defective and needs replacing. If the fuse, light bulbs, and flasher relay are good then the turn signal switch may be the problem.

The 1996 GMC Yukon brake lights work by receiving power from the brake light relay switch. The brake light relay switch is connected to the brake pedal.

Change out the flasher relay located under the dash. Not the brake light switch which is activated by the brake pedal. Replacing the relay should solve the problem.

headlight relays (nxt to battery) or the actual switch in the car ...check you have 12v at the red wire behind the switch...could even be the switchable relay the headlight wires run to with a purple an white wire

Bad connection somewhere, switch, relay or ground.

On the '92 sunblrd SE the power for the lights to from fuse to headlight switch to dimmer switch to bulb, no relay involved.

If the fuel pump relay switch is bad then the fuel pump will not be turned on. Think of the relay like a light switch. If the switch has a bad connection then the light doesnt work.

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