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Becuase the temperature stays the same throughout the year.

#Edit; The Equator has two winters per year. One when the Sun is over the Tropic of Capricorn and the other when the Sun is over the Tropic of Cancer. It also has two Summers per year. One when the Sun appears to be moving North and the Equator is transiting the Ecliptic and the other when the Sun is apparently moving South and again the Equator is transiting the Ecliptic. Sort of, HOT ... HOTTER ... HOT ... HOTTER.

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Q: Why is there no summer or winter at the equator?
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Why are winter and summer different in Australia?

because they are below the equator, and below the equator our summer is their winter, and vice versa.

When it is winter above the equator what season is it below the equator?

If it is winter above the equator, it must be summer below the equator probably.

Which countries have summer in December?

Summer occurs south of the equator at the same time winter occurs north of the equator and vice versa.

When is the sun the greatest distance from the equator?

Summer and Winter Solstice

Describe the sun's positions relative to the equator during winter and summer solstices and equinox?

in the summer it is high in the air in the winter its low.

Is it winter everywhere when its winter here?

no, when it's winter on one side of equator it's summer on the other side.

What happens to the seasons as you travel south of the equator?

The seasons south of the equator are opposite to the seasons north of the equator. When it is winter north of the equator it is summer south of the equator.

Why is it summer in New Zealand when it's winter here?

It is summer in New Zealand when it is winter here because New Zealand is south of the equator.

How do eastern and western hemisphere seasons related?

Assuming you are on the same side of the equator, they are essentially the same. North of the equator, summer in Kansas is the same as summer in Belgium. But summer in Kansas and Belgium is Winter in Australia (South of the equator).

Is it winter or summer in Egypt?

Since Egypt is located north of the equator, and it is February as I type, it is winter in Egypt.

Are locations near the equator warm in summer and cold in winter?

Locations on the equator are warm in temperature year round.

What is it called when the sun is at its greatest distance from the equator?

The Sun is farthest from the equator during the solstices or when summer and winter begin.

What is a sentence with solstice?

At the summer and winter solstice, the Sun is directly over the equator.

What do Gorillas eat in winter?

Gorillas live fairly Close to the equator. not much difference between summer and Winter there.

What is the suns position in the sky during summer?

The sun's position will be on the far side of the equator for autumn and winter months. The sun will be on the close side of the equator for spring and summer

Why does America have summer when South America has winter?

It's because we are north of the equator and they are south of the equator. It has to do with the position of the sun and earth.

Why does the winter solstice occur?

The winter solstice (and the summer solstice) ocur for a very interesting reason. The sun 'moves' around the earth in a path that is very tilted to the earth's equator. When the sun is farthest on this path north of the equator, it is the summer solstice. And when it's farthesr south of the equator, it's the winter solstice. From the northern hemisphere, that is.

Is the temperature contrast between the equator and the Arctic region greatest in the winter or in the summer?

The difference would be greatest in the winter, because the temperature near the equator is relatively constant, but the Arctic is considerably colder in the winter.

When its is summer north of the equator what is the season south of the equator?

Well, think about it. If its summer in the northern hemisphere, it should be winter in the southern hemisphere. If you don't believe me, then go ask a scientist.

Which zone is hot in the summer cold in the winter?

The "temperate" zones north and south of the equator.

In January what season is it?

It all depends on where you are on the planet in relation to the equator. If you are in the northern hemisphere, it is winter. If you are in the southern hemisphere, it is summer. For instance if you are in Canada January is in the winter, if you live in Australia it is summer.

Does the seasonal cycle occurs because Earth is closer to the sun in the summer than in the winter?

The Earth rotates on it's axis. In the summer, the Earth is tilted towards the sun. In the winter, the Earth is titled away from the sun. On the Earth, the northern regions (above the equator) have winter, while the southern regions (below the equator) have summer. Then, the opposite becomes true. The southern regions have winter, while the norther regions have summer. The distance nearer and farther from the sun makes no difference as far as the Earth's summer and winter is concerned.

What is a solstice?

Its either of the two times in the year(winter or summer) that the sun is furthest from the celestial equator.

What occurs when the sun reaches its greatest distance north south of the equator?

Winter or Summer solstice

How is life different south of the equator?

The seasons are opposite. When it is winter in the north, it is summer in the south, etc.