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The 5.3 liter Vortec Engine on the 2000 Chevy Silverado has a tapered crank shaft. The crank pulley has no woodruff key, is not indexed and is pressed on.

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Q: Why is there no woodruff key on crank pulley on 5.3 vortec?
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What is a woodriff key?

a woodruff key is a small piece of metal that holds something in place to keep it from a pulley

97 Tiburon Was doing a timing belt change and the woodruff key snapped off There a loud clank now when turning the car over the cam and crank do not move What are the chaces I messed up crankvalves?

if the cam and crank are not turning you cannot mess up the valves BUT if the crank is not turning ,you have a major problem,as the starter motor turns the crankthe crank should tun regardless of the woodruff key falling out at the same time if the crank turns and the cam doesnt the timing will be wrong and need the woodruff key replaced to keep cam and gears where they need to be

What is the coged wheel behind crankshaft pulley it has the timing belt going round it and a slot where woodruff key locates?

it is the crankshaft timing gear.

What is the name of half moon shaped key?

woodruff key

What pulley drives alternator belt What is wrong if this pulley isn't turning?

the pulley on the harmonic balance drives the alternator belt. this is the pulley at the bottom of the engine ,on the front of the crank shaft if this pulley is not turning you have a problem. this means either the key is missing or the crankshaft is broken

Harmonic balancer pulley?

it is a pulley located on the front end of the crankshaft,ussually at the bottom of the engine.this pulley is the one that drives the accesories and drives the oil pump on some is held on to the crankshaft by a bolt wich is right hand threaded on most engines.also has a seal and a woodruff key,the seal will keep the oil from leaking and the key so the pulley does not turn around.and it is also called crankshaft pulley.

How do you remove a broken woodruff key on the crankshaft of a 1995 Geo Metro?

If the crank shaft is in the engine and if the engine is in the car I would put the car up on jack stands ( for safety). Remove the water pump pulley. That will allow you to remove the v-belt easily. Remove the plastic mud shield on the passenger side of the engine. Then remove the crankshaft pulley ( it is probably already off and you are working on the woodruff key that was indexing the crank pully). Make sure that you rotate the engine such that the key is pointing down. Be sure that you stuff a rag in around the snout of the crankshaft such that when the key breaks out of the keyway it cannot fall into the oil pan. The way I have gotten stubborn keys out of keyways was to go after them with a small hammer and punch. I try to worm the punch under the key which will lift the end of the key and make it easier to grasp and remove. Frankly I have never failed to get a key out of a keyway. Generally they are only a slight interference fit.

What does the woodruff key look like?

a small metal rectangle ( example 1/4" x 1/4" x 1 long ) that locks a wheel or pulley from rotating on a shaft.

Why would the pulley to the block of a car not be moving?

clear as mudpullies are normally attached to an engines crank either by being directly bolted to the nose of the crank which has a taper machined into it and is retained by the pressure exerted by the attaching bolt which screws into the nose of the crank. The other method is to fit the pulley over the crank nose which has a valley or keyway machined along about an inch or so along the length of the nose and then place the pully onto the crank nose and line up a corresponding machined keyway in the pully and insert a metal key into the space created by the keyways. pullies will remain stationary if a key fails or is sheared,or if the pully bolt has fallen out and the pully has become loose on a tapered crank or the other cause is when the rubber dampener which circles the mid section of the pulley perishes thru from contamination by fuel and oil etc the crank continues to rotate with affecting the pulley. so there,it is ,clear as mud. razmo ANS 2 -If this pulley is not moving, the crankshaft is not turning.

How do you remove the vibration damper pulley for ford escort 1.9 1994?

The vibration damper pulley and the crankshaft pulley are pressed together with a rubber sleeve. They are held onto the crank by a key and keyway. I've never had to use a puller. Usually when you take the bolt out of the crank it will just wiggle off. I've never had one on their that tight that it wouldn't come off just with my hands.

1996 geo tracker idles good feed it gas bogs down no power?

check the timing belt. or on the 1996-1998 the crankshaft bolt comes loose and shears woodruff key in crank shaft.

How do know if the woodruff key is sheared polaris 500?

Pull the flywheel off.

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