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It's supposed to do that.

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Q: Why is there noticeable suction into the crankcase when the dipstick is pulled with the engine running after replacing the intake manifold gasket?
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On A Volvo S60 What is the foam encased part called that is behind the intake manifold and has hoses to the crankcase and head and intake manifold?

The part you are referring to is called a "Flame Trap" - it is part of the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) system. When it fails it causes too much suction in the crankcase, usually resulting in a nasty squeal or howl at idle that goes away when you remove the oil filler cap. Replacing it requires removing the intake manifold. My dealer quoted $450.00 for the job ($100 for parts and 3 hours labor).

Where is the crankcase ventilation valve on a BMW 740i?

Under the intake manifold!

Where is the Oil dipstick on a 1994 Honda Del Sol?

the oil dipstick is located between the exhaust manifold

How do you know when a manifold tuning valve is bad?

You can tell when a manifold tuning valve is bad when oil is leaking through it. You also can tell by inserting the dipstick into the valve and seeing if oil comes out through the dipstick.

Manifold fitting should be repaired by?

replacing the fittings

Can the head gasket be blown and not have water in the oil crank?

Not likely. In fact, the backyard mechanics' test for a blown head gasket is to drip some oil from the dipstick onto the (hot) manifold. If it bubbles, there's water in the crankcase. Another sign is white smoke in the exhaust.

Do you need to remove the intake manifold when replacing the exhaust manifold on jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0?


Where is the PCV located on a 1989 Honda Accord LX?

The PCV valve is located in the camshaft cover,in the crankcase breather chamber or in the hose which connects the crankcase breather chamber to the intake manifold

Where is the positive crankcase ventilation valve on a 2005 Chrysler 300?

To find the positive crankcase ventilation valve, look on the right bank of the engine. The valve is located beneath the intake manifold.

What is a PCV valve for?

Positive Crankcase Ventilation Answer 2: The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system reduces hydrocarbon emissions by scavenging crankcase vapors. It does this by circulating fresh air from the air cleaner through the crankcase, where it mixes with blow-by gases and is then rerouted through a PCV valve to the intake manifold. - Haynes Repair Manual #36071

If you don't vent your crank case in your Chevy sb will it cause coolant to go to your crankcase?

No, but your crankcase should be vented anyway. If your getting coolant in the crankcase it is getting in from a bad head gasket or cracked head or bad intake manifold gaskets. If you don't fix it soon your engine will be toast.

What are the basic parts of an engine?

engine block, piston, cylinder head, cylinder liner, camshaft, crankshaft, valves, crankcase/sump, inlet manifold, exhaust manifold, cylinder head cover

Why oil came from exhaust manifold in diesel engines?

If there is oil coming from the exhaust manifold it generally indicates a bad valve stem seal or a worn out engine. (too much crankcase pressure)

What is a Pachner move?

A Pachner move is any of a set of ways of replacing a triangulation of a piecewise linear manifold by a different triangulation of a homoeomorphic manifold.

How do you fix a oil leak from intake manifold gasket?

By replacing the whole gasket.

Where is the thermostat on a 2003 Audi A4?

Under the intake manifold next to the orange dipstick tube. on the 1.8t that is.

How do you change the thermostat on a 2000 Chevy Lumina?

do i need to change the manifold when replacing thermostat

Why would a car cut off while pressing the gas?

Possibly a hose is broken or disconnected on the crankcase ventilation system?Intake Manifold?

I have a 93 940 Volvo that will not go above idle?

air leak to inlet manifold check small hoses the back of the inlet manifold if the hose is blocked with carbon clean it or replace and clean crankcase breather all of it.

Where is the engine oil dipstick on 94 ford ranger 6 cylinder?

On the drivers side of the engine near the exhaust manifold.

Is there a gasket on the intake manifold for 1995 aurora olds?

i am replacing the starter on olds 1995 aurora

How come you keep replacing the same fuel injector it keeps leaking?

Cracked intake manifold...

What is a bistellar flip?

A bistellar flip is another term for a Pachner move, any of a set of ways of replacing a triangulation of a piecewise linear manifold by a different triangulation of a homeomorphic manifold.

WhyEngine coolant in crankcase 5.7 liter vortec?

That is a very COMMON PROBLEM WITH those engines. You need to replace the intake manifold gaskets to fix that problem.

Where is the transmission dipstick on a ford five hundred 2005?

For the 6 speed transmission the dipstick is located behind the radiator support, to the left of the air cleaner box. The dipstick is a round yellow plastic towards the bottom of the transmission. The exhaust manifold is slightly above it, so be careful not to burn yourself.