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Q: Why is treatment and follow up important?
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What does the comprehensive follow-up treatment after microtia otoplasty plan include?

Following the diagnosis, a comprehensive treatment plan is made that includes long-term psychosocial as well as surgical follow-up.

Is a company obligated to pay for the follow-up treatment of a minor injury if the employee resigned before the follow-up visit with the doctor?


Why is it important to follow directions?

It is important to follow directions because they know and tell you exactly what to do. If you do not follow directions, you can end up in a big mess.

My wife had cosmetic surgery in Baltimore, is there a doctor in Anchorage, Alaska that can give her good follow-up treatment?


Diabetes Treatment Guidelines?

It is very important to follow the diabetes treatment guidelines set by your doctor. He will advise you on a diet and exercise plan. You will need to monitor your blood sugar levels at home.

What is the follow-up for a lung abscess?

Patients with lung abscess need careful follow-up care after the acute infection subsides. Follow-up usually includes chest x rays to make sure that the infection has cleared up. Treatment with antibiotics may continue for as long as four months.

Why is it important to follow the agreed plan of care and ensure you check this prior to any pressure area care?

It is important to follow an agreed plan of care when caring for a patient. They may be in a position where they are unable to protest to a treatment that has been agreed on when they were in their right frame of mind.

Drug abuse treatment options?

Successful treatment has several steps: behavioral counseling, evaluation and treatment for co-occurring mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. And long-term follow-up to prevent relapse.

What are some examples of fracture aftercare?

cast change, medication adjustments, follow-up care after fracture treatment

Is there a treatment people could follow for Huntingtons disease?

yes there is a treatment

What is the treatment for infectious arthritis?

Infectious arthritis requires usually requires several days of treatment in a hospital, with follow-up medication and physical therapy lasting several weeks or months.

Can syphilis come back once treated?

Syphilis can come back if treatment was inadequate. Follow up testing after treatment is common to monitor the success of medication. Reinfection is also common.

What are the main remedies for fibrocystic breasts?

Fibrocystic breasts do not need treatment, but closer follow-up may be advised. There is no widely accepted treatment or prevention but when treatment is necessary it follows the same strategies as treatment for cyclical breast pain. It is usually treated by Progesterone ointments and supplements.

When getting group feedback it is important to get specific by?

asking follow-up questions Novanet

Can you get rid of scabies?

Scabies is fortunately able to be cleared. It may not be easy and it can take several rounds of treatment. It is important to follow directions of treatment carefully because it may be possible to overlook a step of the process and reinfect yourself.

Why it important to follow experiment carefully?

It is important to follow an experiment carefully because one mess up and the whole experiment could go wrong or it might change the outcome.

What are the FDA-approved treatment options for H Pylori?

The FDA has approved three drugs as a treatment option for H Pylori including taking omeprazole + clarithromycin with a six month follow up.

Why do coronary stent patients have to follow up with doctors?

regularly see the physician to monitor his or her recovery and control risk factors. Routine stress testing is a part of the follow-up treatment to detect restenosis that may occur without symptoms.

Why is Follow through important when firing a pistol?

The pistol was created for short range self defense. Follow up is important in order to stay on target in case a follow up shot is needed, and it is good practice that helps to train your hand and eye to produce a proper "sight picture" for accuracy.

What is the treatment for a ventricular aneurysm?

Most cases of ventricular aneurysm are treated by close medical follow-up and limiting patient activity.

What alternative treatment to orchiectomy exists for patients with testicular cancer?

There is no effective alternative to radical orchiectomy in the treatment of testicular cancer; radiation and chemotherapy are considered follow-up treatments rather than alternatives.

What is the best treatment for cervical cancer?

The best treatment for cervical cancer is a complete abdominal hysterectomy. Generally small samples and lymph nodes are biopsied. follow up with chemotherapy and radiation may be required.

What is diagnostics treatment?

Diagnostics is not treatment. Diagnostics are procedures carried out to find out what is wrong, and treatment would follow this, depending on the results.

Explain why its important to follow the general guideline format?

It is important to have standards in writing and in business writing as well. Everyone can know what to expect and follow the content without getting hung up on the presentation.

How is the knowledge of isotopes important to the treatment of diseases?

Important to the treatment of diseases? Whatever...