Why is water healthy?

water is healthy because its all nautural!!!

water can help you grow much more.

it is recommened to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.

New Answer:

Because water is a primary component of everything in your body. If you didn't drink water. First of all you would lose the volume of your blood plasma causing hypotension (low blood pressure) which could cause syncope (fainting), dizziness, fatigue, and so on. But when you have hypotension the heart can't deliver enough oxygen to organs and when your organs starve for oxygen they undergo necrosis which is decomposition essentially what happens to the body after death. But unlike in death it will happen to certain parts of the body earlier like the brain, heart.

Secondly, water has one of the highest specific heats in our world which is the heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of the substance 1 degree centigrade. So if you didn't have water as the primary component of your body in a warm sunny day you would overheat very quickly and on a cold day you would freeze very quickly. So really it helps us to live in our enormously varying climate without having to adjust our lives to the temperatures around us much like that of cold-blooded animals.

So in essence, it is really essential to replenish your body's supply of water in order to maintain normal bodily function of which contains much more then described above but what I have told you should give you a good idea of the importance that water has to the body.